(AD/Review) Cosy Vibes This Autumn with Lights4Fun

Autumn is my favourite time of year. It's cosy, it's comforting, it's beautiful! I absolutely love decorating my home for Autumn, it's the season of change after all. Time to say goodbye to the Summer and hello to the colder seasons. 
Lights4fun Review

Whether you prefer a spooky vibe or a more cosy, homely look this Autumn - Lights4Fun and their gorgeous range of Autumn decorations, can help you add the finishing touches to your home!

Mottled Mini Pumpkin Trio

Lights4fun Review

This little pumpkin trio is just adorable! With a gold pumpkin, a rose gold pumpkin and a silver to help create a beautiful, cosy atmosphere in your home. Each glass pumpkin is handfinished, with warm LED lights to give off a delightful sparkle and glow. 
They are 10cm, so not tiny but they look absolutely adorable all arranged together. 

Plus, if you set the timer they will turn on by themselves in the evening, and stay on for 6 hours before turning off. Saving the battery life and lighting up your home all evening. 
Lights4fun Review

The pumpkins are high quality, really chunky and cute - the perfect Autumn decoration. 

4 TruGlow Remote Control LED Taper Candles

Lights4fun Review

I think I'm a little late to the game, but I had never heard of remote control candles before! Such a fun idea (although I've now had to hide the remote as my children were obsessed with turning them off and on! Haha)

I absolutely love candles, but with three children running around, it's just not safe to have real candles lit so these LED candles are a perfect alternative! Made of real wax, they look very realistic and the 'flame' ever flickers like a real candle. Really great quality and easy to turn off and on, with the button on the bottom of each candle, or using the remote. Again, you can set the timer so they go on by themselves. 

Lights4fun Review

I absolutely love how cute they look amongst other Autumn decor, to create a warm, inviting vibe, but they'd look fab with a more spooky theme and even at Christmas time too!

Ghost Garden Stake Lights

Lights4fun Review

As much as I love Autumn, I have to of course add a few Halloween decorations to the house and garden! My children insist on helping me decorate every year! But I don't like 'Scary Halloween' decorations. Creepy and cute all the way! 

These ghost stake lights are absolutely perfect. Adding a little (child friendly) spooky vibe to your garden without any hassle. Each ghost has a plastic stake to push into the ground and the ghosts are connected to the battery box to enable them to light up and glow in the night. 
Lights4fun Review

They look so cute lit up at night, and give off a nice warm white glow.
A lovely, 'cute' Halloween decoration!

Overall, I am very impressed with the quality of each of these products, the timers work work and they all look fab! Will definitely be stocking up on more decorations from Lights4Fun!

Do you decorate for Autumn and Halloween?

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