How to Set Up the Perfect Work From Home Office

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If you are working from home or running your own business, everything from your morning routine to your home office setup is going to make a difference to your work. You must have an effective set-up so that you can work productively and produce your work to a high standard.

The perfect home office will comprise a range of items that will help you concentrate and work more quickly. You can also personalise it to suit your tastes so you can be comfortable. While it might be comfortable and fun to work on the sofa at first, this will not help you in the long run. The wrong setup can cause you many physical problems in the future, such as neck pain and back pain. It can also impact your motivation and lead to less work being completed, and a decline in the quality of work produced. 

To help you create the perfect set-up for your home office, here are some of the essential items that you will need. Ensuring GDPR compliance from the get-go is also highly important for safeguarding customers information.

#1 A clear and dedicated space

The first and most important thing you will need for your office is a dedicated space where you can put all your work and equipment in. Ideally, this should be a spare room, or a converted shed or garage. If you don’t have a room, you can dedicate a space or corner or a room that is only used for your work. 

This will enable you to concentrate better as you will limit distractions. It will also train your brain to be more productive when you are in this environment. It can be difficult when you mix work and pleasure, which is why a dedicated space is much better. 

Where possible, you should place your dedicated space in a room that has a window, so you can let fresh air and sunlight in every day to help you concentrate. 

#2 Good equipment

Equipment is going to be key to your perfect home office set-up. Without the relevant equipment, you won’t be able to get your work done. The first thing you will need to think about is a laptop or monitor. Depending on your preferences, you will need a device that is quick and easy to use. If you prefer a laptop, then you should make sure you add any accessories that will prop it up to a comfortable level, so you can use it for long periods. If you are using an old device, then you may choose to optimise it with this intro to system data

Along with your laptop or monitor, you should find a mouse and keyboard that is comfortable. You will also need to source a chair that can support your back for long periods. Depending on your job, there may be other pieces of equipment you need such as headphones, musical instruments, printers, and much more. Set up your space so that not everything is cramped together and you have space to manoeuvre. Some people even choose to purchase exercise bikes and treadmills to go under their desks, so they can stay active while they work. 

#3 Personalised decor

The decor in the room will play a key role in your performance at work, so it is important to invest time and money into it. Every colour and item in the room should be intentional. You should first consider the colours that are on the walls and the items you purchase. They should be stimulating and suitable for a working environment. Combine your favourite colours, with colours that are psychologically linked with productivity, creativity and happiness. These include blue, green, yellow, red, and much more. 

Along with colours, you may choose to have decor and features around your room that make you happy and promote well-being and productivity. This might mean colourful artwork and plants. Plants have shown to have a plethora of positive effects on your mood. They are also a great way to bring colour into your space and provide you with a good visual. Other good features may include a lamp, fairy lights, candles, pictures of friends and family, bean bags, and much more. Your decor will enable you to find a balance between boosting productivity, but also being comfortable. 

When you choose to work from home, or you set up your own business, there is no one there to set up your office for you. The responsibility is left to you to organise, so it is important you learn what makes a good set-up, and create a space that will help you stay productive and comfortable.

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