Christmas Gift Guide For Children

Christmas Gift Guide For Children

If you're struggling to find the best gifts for toddlers, children, tweens or teenagers, don't panic! Finding the perfect gift is tricky especially when you're a parent! So I'm sharing a few fab gift ideas here, I'm sure you'll find that extra special present you've been looking for! Toys, books and stocking fillers too, even the child who has everything will have a smile of their face when they open one of these gifts on Christmas morning!

The Grumpy Reindeer
Christmas Gift Guide For Children

This adorable little book is a heart-warming tale about a grumpy reindeer's journey through the magic of the Christmas season. The illustrations are so sweet and the book is filled with valuable lessons all about kindness. An adorable stocking filler for your little ones.

The Grumpy Reindeer book available here

Norse Folktales, Myths & Legends by Anika Hussain
Christmas Gift Guide For Children

I don't know about you, but my children are obsessed with all the Thor movies - this book would be an ideal, yet educational gift for Thor & Norse god obsessed little ones! It's a treasure trove of exciting stories from Norse Mythology, introducing your little ones to gods, heroes and mythical creatures! 

Norse Folktales, Myths & Legends available here

Travel Wild Guess
Christmas Gift Guide For Children

This engaging travel game is not only fun, but educational too. Challenging little ones to guess different places around the world, based on clues. It's a fab way to improve your children (and your) geography knowledge while having fun with family or friends while travelling long distances. Ideal perhaps as an early Christmas gift, to play while you are visiting loved ones this year!

Travel Wild Guess available here

On The Go Spots Game
Christmas Gift Guide For Children

Another ideal travel game, wonderful for if you are travelling to visit family! Suitable for age 3+, it's a puzzle making counting game ideal for little fingers. You take turns to roll the dice, match the number of spots to build your animal! A cute, easy to play game for little ones!

On The Go Spots Game available here

Kids vs Adults Trivia Card Game
Christmas Gift Guide For Children

My oldest child is obsessed with playing 'kids vs grown ups' games, so she would surely love this fun game! Kids vs Adults Trivia is a lively game, that will bring the family together for a fun, laughter filled time - while testing everyone's knowledge. A fab Christmas Day game where everyone can get involved!

Kids vs Adults Game available here

Have You Seen the New Forest Unicorn by Carole Smith
Christmas Gift Guide For Children

This absolutely stunning book takes little readers on an exciting adventure through the magical New Forest in search of a unicorn. The story is gorgeous, enchanted, and the illustrations are just the perfect fit. A wonderful, magical book that will surely spark imaginations.

Geomag Glow
Christmas Gift Guide For Children

I am personally a big fan of Geomag, it's a lot of fun! I remember my younger brother having a few sets when he was a child and it's such a creative, exciting construction toy. This set actually glows in the dark, alllowing older children to learn about magnetic forces, and light too! What I personally love about all Geomag toys is the fact that no batteries or electricity is required, it's all about imagination, construction and science. It's educational and fun! A fab educational and engaging toy.

Geomag Glow available here

Growing Up Powerful Rebel Girls Journal
Christmas Gift Guide For Children

I am obsessed with journals that include fun prompts and ideas. I often purchase them for my tween girl, hopefully encouraging the importance of gratitude and self care as she grows up - and this gorgeous journal from Rebel Girls is just perfect! Through advice, activities, questions and journaling prompts, it encourages self-reflection, goal setting, creativity, self improvement, nurturing confidence and self expression as they grow up. A really wonderful, thoughtful gift for young girls this Christmas. 

Growing Up Powerful Rebel Girls Journal available here

Moshulu Slippers
Christmas Gift Guide For Children

Bo Short Spotty Booty Slippers
Christmas Gift Guide For Children

These short bootie slippers are a real treat for little ones feet! First up, they are freaking adorable! With beautiful soft felt on the outside and lovely fluffy soft lining they are sure to keep your kids feet toasty this Winter. The spotty design adds a fun touch and the cute slip on boot shape makes them so easy to put on after a busy, chilly day. Really high quality slipper boots and unique, they would make such a gorgeous, cosy gift for your older children this Christmas. These Bo Short Spotty Bootie Slippers from Moshulu are available in lots of other beautiful vibrant colours such as Denim, Indigo and Orange.

The above slippers are in the colours 'Lagoon' and 'Violet'.
Both colours available here

Mini Bo Spotty Short Bootie Slippers
Christmas Gift Guide For Children

If you have younger children running around, Moshulu also offer adorable little 'Mini Bo' booties too. Same style as the bigger bootie's, and just as adorable! Perfect for keeping those tiny toes warm and snug, and ideal for indoor adventures! Honestly, they are just too cute! These Mini Bo slippers are available in Denim, Ice, Violet and Pink.

Mini Bo Booties available here
An Anthology of Our Extraordinary Earth
Christmas Gift Guide For Children

I am such a huge fan of these gorgeous non fiction books from DK. They are so informative, but the facts are accessible, readable and understandable for children. The photography in all of these books are absolutely stunning and the books themselves are genuinely beautiful. Filled with stunning visuals and fascinating facts, this book offers a captivating journey through Earth's wonders. It educates and inspires kids to appreciate the beauty and diversity of our planet.

An Anthology of Our Extraordinary Earth available here

Pop Up Super Mario Game
Christmas Gift Guide For Children

This classic kids game has been given a Mario update! Featuring the iconic character in a fun, family friendly game. With different game modes to try, it'd sure be a hit from young children to older kids! Plus, it's educational too! From developing fine motor skills to decision making and colour recognition, there's really nothing not to love about this little guy. Perfect gift for Mario fans this Christmas!

Pop Up Super Mario Game available from Smyths Toys and Amazon

A Year of Nature Walks and Games by Becky Goddard Hill
Christmas Gift Guide For Children

If you aren't aware, we are a homeschooling family, and we do put a strong focus on nature, meaning we discuss lots of nature topics and go on very regular walks. This wonderful book is filled with a lovely range of activities, games and nature inspired adventures to encourage outdoor exploration and learning. A really lovely guide that will make every family walk an educational and enjoyable experience. Absolutely love it. A wonderful gift for nature loving families (or the perfect gift for homeschooling families too!)

A Year of Nature Walks and Games available here

Stationery & Craft Gifts from Maped Helix UK
Christmas Gift Guide For Children

A fantastic set that brings surprise and wonder to colouring. I remember having some 'magic pens' when I was a child and they really are a lot of fun! This set includes 8 bright coloured pens and two colour reveal pens which will sure be a hit for young artists!

Christmas Gift Guide For Children

Color'Peps Innovation Coloured Pencils
These pencils redefine colouring with their modern design and quality. As they are made entirely of lead, they last 10 times as long as the average coloured pencil! Smooth, vibrant, and easy to use, they're perfect for budding artists exploring their creativity.

A lovely set of colouring pens, with lots of bright colours in a fun, unique holder! Wild & vibrant colours inspired by the jungle - these colours are sure to sparks little imaginations!

Christmas Gift Guide For Children

An exciting, creative activity to dinosaur enthusiasts! Your little ones will mold and build their own dinosaur models building creativity, fine motor skills and boosting imagination! My children were actually given this last year, and it's a really fun gift idea.

Christmas Gift Guide For Children

A fascinating way to introduce kids to airbrushing! This set offers a unique art experience that's easy to use and results in impressive designs, making art creation a breeze!

Christmas Gift Guide For Children

Transforming colouring into a watercolour adventure! With this set, kids can explore the magic of watercolours without any mess, creating beautiful and vibrant artworks!

Hey Clay Animals Set
Christmas Gift Guide For Children

An engaging and hands-on sculpting kit that sparks creativity. With 15 little tubs of air dray modelling clay it allows your child to create and keep their own lovely animal figures! Plus, the clay is really soft and flexible meaning (hopefully) no sticky messes to clean up either! It's a wonderful way for kids to create their favourite animals with ease, providing hours of imaginative fun.

Hey Clay Animals Large Set available from Smyths Toys and Amazon

The Genius Star Puzzle Game
Christmas Gift Guide For Children

A challenging STEM puzzle game that promotes problem-solving skills and critical thinking. It keeps kids engaged and entertained while stimulating their minds with various intriguing challenges! A really lovely, educational gift idea for older children.

The Genius Star available from The Happy Puzzle Co and Amazon

Bluey: The Videogame
Christmas Gift Guide For Children

Bluey is a big deal in our house. It's funny, touching, relatable for adults and children, so well put together that everyone can fall in love with you, whether you have children or not! So the first ever Bluey game would have a lot to live up to. We want quality, relatability, we want the show in game form. With different, recognisable locations from the show, and the opportunity to play many different, again recognisable mini games from the show, it's a lot of fun! It's a nice game, with lots of episode mentions, toys and mini games that all Bluey fans will adore. The game is short, but that's what makes it suitable and playable for younger fans, it's easy to follow. It's a great exploring game for little ones, and it captures the 'feel' of this wonderful, well loved show!

Bluey Videogame available from Smyths, Amazon, Argos and GAME

The Grinch: Christmas Adventures
Christmas Gift Guide For Children

A delightful festive experience for young gamers and fans of the beloved Dr Seuss story! It's a platform game where The Grinch and his dog Max are going on an adventure to steal Christmas! With a mix of cut scene, platform challenges and mini games along the way, it's very enjoyable. Perfect for young children and adults to play, especially if you are a fan of the story and films - with fully voiced narration throughout. It's not too challenging either, a fun family friendly game!

The Grinch: Christmas Adventures available from Smyths and Amazon

Fluffie Stuffiez
Christmas Gift Guide For Children

Fluffie Stuffiez are a fun, engaging, huggable new toys for little ones, that promotes sensory, interaction and imagination too. The clever concept of these toys allows for a surprise character by pulling away the outer layer of fluff to reveal a different colour soft toy hidden underneath. You can then store the fluffy bits to create a second soft toys too! The sensory stimulation, creative aspects, imagination promoting and fine motor skills developing are fantastic. A really wonderful toy, especially for children with sensory needs and interests. The only downside, personally is the synthetic fibres.

Available from Smyths and Amazon

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