(AD/Review) Girly Gift Ideas from Claires

Gift Ideas from Claires (review)

Who else has fond memories of Claires in their tween/teenage years? I remember always popping in their with my pocket money, buying jewellery, hair accessories and those stretchy rubber bracelets. Even now, as an adult, some of their earrings are too cute to pass up.

Gift Ideas from Claires (review)

But Claires have become so much more than just tween jewellery, from electronics, bags to stationery too.

Lavender Pom Glitter Headphones

These headphones are adorable, so sparkly and the pom poms add such a sweet touch. The lavender blue colour is really lovely, and the earpads are comfortable and soft for children's ears. The wired headphones are adjustable so your child will be able to use them for a long time, or can be suitable for different age ranges. 

Gift Ideas from Claires (review)

They are capable of crisp, clear sound - excellent sound quality, ideal for children who love listening to music or watching videos. The headphones look amazing, really well made and high quality - sturdy and strong so they should last a long time.

Matt Neon Mini Nail Polish

My two girlies absolutely love painting their nails and we also paint our nails together on special occasions. I don't let them use my nail polish, but they do have their own they like to use. The only problem is, the only 'child friendly' nail varnish is always pink/purple or sparkly. My girls love bright colours so this set is perfect for them.

The varnishes are great quality, easy enough to remove with nail polish and such beautiful colours!

Gift ideas from Claires (review)

Pink Butterfly Paddle Hair Brush

If there's any essential when you have young girls in the house, it's a decent hairbrush. This beautiful paddle brush will get through your children's hair without any fuss. It's fab for getting through wet or dry hair, and makes styling easy. Not to mention, the butterfly design is so cute too!

Popper Fidget Toy Diary

My eldest has learnt from her mother, she has developed an obsession for notebooks at only 9 years old. As well as stationery, she loves a good fidget toy - so what could be better than combining those two things? That's exactly what this fab Popper Fidget Toy Diary is. The diary has 'poppable' bubbles than can be pressed again and again, to help children relax or concentrate. 

Gift ideas from Claires (review)

The lined paper inside is great quality, and the notebook is a great size to fit into backpacks or school bags. The purple and blue colours are really beautiful. A fab gift idea for stationery loving children!

Do you children love a little pocket money spend at Claires?



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