How To Grow More Vegetables

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If you want to have more vegetables in your diet, one of the best ways to ensure you can do it without too many issues is to grow your own. Not only will this save you money – the cost of living is constantly rising – but it will also ensure you can become as healthy as possible. At any time you want vegetables, you can simply go to your backyard or greenhouse and pick exactly what you need. You might even become more adventurous and try vegetables you would never have tried otherwise. 

However, one thing that can stop this from being such a good idea is a lack of produce. It can sometimes be hard to grow enough vegetables, and one bad crop can set you back many months. If you want some hints about how to get past this issue, read on; the following ideas should help. 

Deal With Pests

One of the biggest issues that you might come across when you’re trying to grow your own vegetables – and grow enough of them to ensure you don’t run out or have to go to the store, which is something you may well be trying to avoid – is to deal with any pests that might be causing problems. Vegetables aren’t just something humans want and need to eat, and there will be plenty of pests, from insects to rodents, who will nibble at your plants and make them useless to you. 

Each different pest will come with its own way of removing it, so often, the best thing to do is to speak to an expert about how to take care of the problem. It might take a while to come to a conclusion about what to do, and you might have a number of failed attempts, but it will be worth it when you’ve solved the issue and can grow as many vegetables as you need. 

Try Succession Planting 

If you want to grow more vegetables and always have something tasty to hand when you’re making your meals, you might want to try succession planting. This means that you use as much of your backyard as possible to plant things rather than just creating a smaller area where you can plant vegetables. In this way, you automatically get more crops because you’re using more space; it means you don’t have to wait for one crop to grow and be harvested before you can plant another, so you’ll always have plenty to eat. 

This does, of course, mean a lot of extra work as you’ll have a lot more to consider than just one or two plants to take care of. In order to make things easier, it’s a good idea to look into how collecting rainwater in water tanks could make watering your crops easier, for example, and how to store your vegetables once they are ready to stop anything going to waste

Grow For Your Region 

It’s easy to get carried away when it comes to choosing different vegetables to plant, but if you want to get the best crop and have enough of everything, you need to check what’s going to grow best in your particular region. This will depend on your soil type and the climate, as well as how much attention you can give the plants. 

This might narrow down your potential options, but it will also mean you always have plenty growing and far fewer disappointing yields. 


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