(AD/Review) Mother Power - A Feminist's Guide to Motherhood Book

Mother Power Book Review

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The new parenting book, Mother Power, by Poppy O'Neill is about her own experience adopting a guilt-free self-care routine as a mum.

This straightforward, guilt-free book promotes both your own needs and the well-being of your children. The journey of motherhood is a physical and emotional roller coaster, and there is often little or no time to stop and consider your own needs, at least not without feeling guilty about it. With this book, you can learn about and increase your power as a mother. Mother Power is my new self care manual!

Mother Power Book Review

As the author herself puts it, "You can't pour from an empty cup" which means that nobody can care for others if they're not taking care of themselves.

This book is like having a therapist and a friend all rolled into one, it's kind, it's empathic and relatable. It acknowledges the many challenges of motherhood and it's full of practical tips, reassurance, and resources.

This wonderful book covers everything from boundaries to delegation to self-care and looking after emotions. It's perfect for a quick dip or flick through, as you would a magazine!

A wonderful book for soon to be mothers, new mums, or mothers to many! Highly recommend!

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