(AD/Review) Gorgeous Mother's Day Gifts & Cards from Thortful

Mother's Day is just around the corner! Although I'm usually a 'flowers and chocolates' kind of gift giver when it comes to Mother's Day - I think that makes the choosing of the card all the more important! 

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Mother's Day Gifts & Cards from Thortful

If you are looking for the perfect Mother's Day card or gift idea, Thortful have a huge range of cards, for every kind of recipient, plus a gorgeous range of gift ideas too. 

Thortful is a unique card shop as they are actually a marketplace of creative designers, illustrators and photographers who create unique greeting cards. So you will find a huge range of cards from many different creators!

Mother's Day Gifts & Cards from Thortful

Exploring the Thortful site, I was so excited. There honestly is such a huge range of cards to choose from. Cute cards, funny cards, punny cards, quirky cards. Cards for Mums, Mummies, Mothers, Grannies, Grandmas, Nanny and so much more. 

I chose a range of cards and a few gift ideas to review, to really get an idea of different options available.

A5 'To The Most Wonderful Grandma' Card
Mother's Day Gifts & Cards from Thortful

Such a cute card, designed by Macie Dot Doodles. The card is really high quality, and the colours are vibrant and bright. Plus it's adorable. When it comes to Mother's Day, I like to encourage my little ones to give their grandmother/nanny a little something too - so this sweet card is perfect for that!

A5 'Certificate of Exemplary Mothering' card
Mother's Day Gifts & Cards from Thortful

Such a cute card, with pretty colours and a cute dotted pattern. Designed by Abbie Imagine , it's a fun, slightly cheeky card perfect for gift givers of all ages.

A5 'Happy Mothers Day Daisy' card
Mother's Day Gifts & Cards from Thortful

Another super sweet Daisy themed card, this card is designed by @squiggleinthecity. Bright colours, high quality - a really adorable looking card. Ideal for grandparents!

Aside from the fab normal cards, Thortful also offer a range of 'Cards in boxes'. With a cute gift inside such as socks, seed bombs, chocolates, sweets and even bath salts! It really adds a special touch to a simple card.

A5 Card with Plantable Paper Flowers
Mother's Day Gifts & Cards from Thortful

I chose this beautiful ' I Just Wanted To Wish...' card designed by Helen Mackay. It's sweet, it's colourful and it perfectly describes my mum. Plus, combined with the Paper Blooms - plantable seed paper flowers, it makes such a gorgeous gift idea! The paper flowers are actually seed bombs! Containing the seeds of 24 varieties of British wildflowers, they can be used in a garden, in pots on a balcony or even in a window box. Such a fun gift idea - and still giving the gift of flowers! Haha!

How about a couple of gift ideas too? The gifts work a little differently on Thortful, as they need to be bought with a card, but that shouldn't really be a problem if you are buying them for someone else. 

Salted Caramel Chocolate Truffles
Mother's Day Gifts & Cards from Thortful

These delicious Salted Caramel Chocolate Truffles are so good. Really good, high quality milk chocolate with a caramel flavour, and a little sprinkle of sea salt just perfectly compliments the rich flavour. So more-ish, and a really thoughtful gift idea! Not to mention, vegan friendly and free from palm oil too. 

Luxury Medium Soy NOA Candle 
Mother's Day Gifts & Cards from Thortful

This NOA Soy Candle is in the 'Invigorate' scent, and it smells divine. It's very fruity and citrusy - with notes of basil, lemon and mandarin. The scent is strong, but not overpowering, but it really does fill a room beautifully. Perfect for a morning pick up! The jar is super cute too, a really high quality, chunky candle!

I have to say, I am very impressed with every single item from Thortful. Each item is high quality, beautifully packaged and would be perfect for any mum this Mother's Day.

Thortful currently have an offer running - 4 A5 cards for £10!

Have you ever shopped at Thortful before?

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