10 Surprising Benefits Of Home Education You Need to Know

10 Surprising Benefits Of Home Education You Need to Know

As you know we decided to homeschool our children since the first lockdown when home educating was forced upon us all. We then decided to take matters into our own hands and instead of completing the work the school had given us, we completely revamped it and learnt in our own way, and everyone loved it. The little ones learnt really well, in a way that was much more personal and specifically suited for them, and we never looked back!

But many people decide to home educate for a variety of different reasons, and it's gradually becoming a popular choice for parents in the UK. (Although the government still tends to frown upon it more in this country than in America for example, but we'll get there!).

Home education is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, educating your child at home, as opposed to sending them to a traditional school. From religious, to social or personal reasons, why parents have chosen to home educate is very specific to each family.

So I wanted to discuss today some of the huge benefits of home education, in case you were on the fence about it!

10 Surprising Benefits Of Home Education You Need to Know

Allowing Your Children To Learn About What They Want
One of the biggest benefits of homeschooling is that parents can decide and customise what your child learns about, and tailor it to your child's individual needs and interests!

In the UK, there aren't really any 'ground rules' saying exactly what you have to teach your child, as long as you can prove they are learning! So it doesn't have to be sitting down with workbooks all day at all. There are many different types of home education, from the traditional approach, following the curriculum in a more structured environment, to a mixture of methods and philosophies, or learning through play and exploration!

It's Flexible
Homeschooling allows for a much more flexible schedule, parents can choose to teach their children anytime, any day, even on the weekend. It allows you all to be able to take days off, go on holiday during term time, mental health breaks and so much more. Having this flexibility can be hugely beneficial for families with unique schedules. For example, I run a business from home and having flexibility in our schedule means I can make this all work without having to stick to a 9-3 routine.

One on One Attention
Homeschooling provides children with much needed one-on-one attention from their parents, which can be hugely beneficial for children who struggle with traditional learning, learn best in different ways or need additional educational support. Parents can give their children undivided attention and adapt their teaching style to fit the child's needs. (Personally one of my biggest pet peeves of a school environment, everyone is taught in exactly the same way. But everyone is different! Makes no sense to me.)

Positive Learning Environment
Homeschooling allows parents to create a positive learning environment for their children. Whether it's sat at home at the kitchen table or outside exploring nature. The environment can be tailored to fit the child's needs to create a calming atmosphere that helps them to learn.

Flexibility In Teaching Methods
As mentioned above, homeschooling allows parents to choose their own teaching methods, to decide what works best for the parent, what works best for the child and what works best for the family as a whole. Whether it is using traditional methods such as textbooks or worksheets, or using a more unschooling method by learning through play. Personally we use a whole mixture of different types of homeschooling, as that's what works for us. You don't know what will work for you until you try!

10 Surprising Benefits Of Home Education You Need to Know

I strongly believe our family has become so much closer since we began home education, particularly the bond between my three children. Don't get me wrong, sometimes we all need time to ourselves, and we have to ensure we have that time, but we all spend so much more quality time together - creating stronger relationships between us all. Rather than only have the few hours each day after school hours and before bedtime, we spend time together regularly throughout the day.

Safety and Security
Let's be honest here, the world can be a scary place, particularly when you are a parent. Home education provides parents with the peace of mind knowing that your children are safe and secure. You can monitor your child's activities and control the environment in which they learn.

And let's just talk about how people say "homeschooled children are anti-social, or don't experience real world situations" or perhaps even how "we wrap them in cotton wool". To that, I say, bullcrap. My children are kind, confident, social people who have real life experience and have learnt a huge amount of 'life skills' that just aren't taught at school. I can safely say they are going to grow up to be smart, confident and kind adults.

Freedom To Explore Interests
I mentioned above about the benefits of allowing your children to learn about their own interests, and that's so true. Home education allows your children to explore their passions so much more freely without having to stick to a strict schedule, whether it's traditional subjects or more creative interests such as art or music!

No Bullying
First, let me say, not every child gets bullied. Being at a traditional school doesn't guarantee your child will be bullied. But I was, and it honestly traumatised me. I remember being bullied in my later years of primary school and throughout secondary school and it's stuck with me, and genuinely shaped me to be the way I am today. And let's be honest, bullying is a significant problem in UK schools and by homeschooling your children, it provides a solution to the problem. I strongly believe that home educating helps boost your child's self esteem, confidence and mental health - allowing them to be the person they want to be, rather than being influenced or peer pressured into being somebody else.

10 Surprising Benefits Of Home Education You Need to Know

Lastly, I am so not a fan of the school system. Don't get me wrong, I loved my children's primary school when they attended for Reception - Year 1, the staff were fantastic, and my little ones loved it too but the whole school system is abysmal. What teachers are forced to teach, and how they must teach it, the rules and regulations, the curriculum - it's an absolute shambles, it's outdated and it's damaging. I do not like it one bit.

So, in conclusion, homeschooling can provide many benefits for children and parents in the UK. From a customised curriculum and flexible schedule to that all important one-on-one attention, there are many reasons why parents are choosing home education.

With the right support and resources, homeschooling can be a successful, fulfilling and life changing experience for parents and children alike.

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