Fun and Affordable Summer Activities for Kids at Home

Fun and Affordable Summer Activities for Kids at Home

The Summer holidays are here! That means, it's time for the mum guilt! Just kidding, but not really. As a parent when the Summer holidays arrives, it can be such a difficult time - worrying about money, about food and snacks, about ensuring your children have a lot of fun, doing a variety of different activities. Making sure your children have the best Summer, while being bombarded with all the inspiring, beautiful holidays everyone else seems to be on.

Sure, we would all love to be on a super exciting, all expensive paid holiday - but more often than not, for the majority of us it's just not a possibility! It's time to stop feeling guilty and jealous of everyone else's highlight real, and embrace Summer for what it really is - a time for rest, a time for fun and a time for family.

So today, I wanted to share a list of fun, easy and affordable activities for children at home this Summer!

At Home Camping Adventure
Set up a tent in the back garden and have a mini camping experience with your little ones. You could roast marshmallows or make smores, tell campfire stories and stargaze together.
However, if it's a rainy day, you could camp out in the living room instead! Grab all the bedding and get super cosy together. You can still make smores and tell stories, maybe even add some glow in the dark stars to the ceiling! 

Water Balloon Fight
Fill up water balloons and have a friendly water balloon fight in the garden. It's a fantastic way to cool down on hot Summer days!

DIY Obstacle Course
Create an exciting obstacle course in the back garden using hula hoops, cushions, pool noodles, slides, swings and other items. Time the children as they navigate through the course, and offer small prizes or plastic medals for finishing it.

Fun and Affordable Summer Activities for Kids at Home

Nature Scavenger Hunt
Make a list of different items found in nature or print a checklist online (with things like pinecones, feathers, flowers, birds, bugs etc) and challenge your children to find them around your neighbourhood. 

DIY Bird Feeders
Try these fun feeders using recycled materials, or try a more natural craft idea! Hang the bird feeders in the garden and observe the birds that come to visit. 

Picnic In The Park
Pack a picnic lunch with your children's favourite snacks and head to your nearby park for a fun and relaxing outdoor meal!

Garden Treasure Hunt
Hide small trinkets or treasures around your garden and create a treasure map for the little ones to follow and find the hidden items.

Indoor Movie Marathon
Pick a theme or a series of movies and have a cosy indoor movie marathon with popcorn and blankets. Don't forget the tickets!

Fun and Affordable Summer Activities for Kids at Home

Outdoor Water Painting
Give the little ones some paint brushes and a bucket of water and let them 'paint' the fence, outdoor walls or pavement - creating temporary masterpieces! (SUCH an easy, fun activity, particularly for toddlers)

Ice Cube Sensory Play
Freeze small toys or items in ice cubes and let the children have a play, use toy hammers, or jugs of warm water to reveal the hidden treasures.

Nature Crafts
Collect leaves, flowers and other natural materials from the garden to create nature inspired crafts like leaf rubbings, flower pressing or even flower crowns!

Glow In The Dark Fun
Have a glow in the dark party with glow sticks and glow in the dark stars, to create a magical, fun atmosphere!

Fun and Affordable Summer Activities for Kids at Home

Will you be giving any of these ideas a go?
And please, try not to put too much pressure of yourself this Summer.

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Fun and affordable summer activities for kids at home

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