Free Things to Do This Autumn with Kids

Free Things to Do This Autumn with Kids

Autumn is such a magical season. It's my absolute favourite season. It's cosy, it's snuggly, it's a beautiful time of year. The vibrant colours, crisp air, wrapped up in coats and scarves walking on crunching leaves - and plenty ideas for family fun.

As the leaves start to turn and temperatures drop, it's the perfect time to explore the beauty of the season as a family!

I wanted to put together a little post, sharing a list of fun free activities and attractions that you can enjoy with your little ones this Autumn!

Nature Walks & Adventures

Autumn is the season of falling leaves, conkers and acorns and there's not better way to embrace it than to take your little ones on a nature walk. You could even make it a scavenger hunt and look for all the different signs of Autumn. The UK is blessed with an abundance of parks and woodlands making it easy to find a beautiful spot to enjoy the Autumn scenery. Why not grab a basket and collect colourful leaves, acorns and pinecones along the way and turn your treasures into a fun craft project. 

National Trust Properties

The National Trust manages a vast amount of historic houses, gardens and parks across the UK. Some properties do have an entrance fee, however many are free to explore, especially if you are a National Trust Member. Check their website for details on which locations are free to enter, and plan a day of history and adventures. 

(Currently National Trust are offering a free day out during September and October too!)

Visit Local Museums and Galleries
Many local museums and galleries offer free admission or free entrance days during the Autumn season. It's a fantastic opportunity to introduce your children to art, culture and history.

(Also the perfect opportunity for a little homeschool field trip if that's your jam). 

Explore exhibitions, interactive displays and hands on activities that are designed to engage and educate your little ones!

Free Things to Do This Autumn with Kids

Pumpkin Picking

For some families, pumpkin picking has become a bit of tradition. Why not give it a go this year? Head to a local farm, and let your children choose their own pumpkins for carving or decorating. (Keep in mind, pumpkin patches can be expensive! You often have to either pay for entry, or pay for the pumpkins. If you are on a strict budget, let your little ones pick a mini pumpkin instead, to keep the cost down).

Many pumpkin patches offer other, fun Autumnal activities such as mazes, hayrides or soft play - providing hours of entertainment. 

Geocaching Adventures

Geocaching is pretty much a modern treasure hunt that the whole family can enjoy. All you need is a smartphone that has GPS. Search for hidden 'caches' in parks, forests and urban areas, and discover new places while having loads of exploring fun along the way. 


While you might think Autumn is not the best time of year to head to the beach, there's something so special about being wrapped up warm, walking along the windy beach looking for treasure. 

Head to your nearest beach and let your little ones collect seashells, sea glass and beautiful rocks. The cool, crisp air and empty beaches can provide a peaceful and calming day out for the family.

Free Things to Do This Autumn with Kids

Explore Historic Sites

The UK is full of historic sites that are not only fascinating but are also often free to visit. Look for castle ruins, or places like Stonehenge which offer a glimpse into the country's history. Be sure to check ahead of time as some places have entrance fees but others can be explored for free. 

Picnics In The Park

Gather your blankets and prepare a picnic basket filled with treats. Choose a scenic park or open space and enjoy a relaxing day outdoors. Let your little ones run, play and explore while you relax and eat snacks!

Wildlife Watching

Autumn is a wonderful time for a little wildlife watching. You could visit local nature reserves, wetlands or woodlands to observe birds and other wildlife. Bring binoculars and a couple of clarification books if you have them, to enhance your experience and make it educational!


As the nights are getting longer. Stargazing is a wonderful activity for families. Head to an outdoor space, or even your back garden on a clear night to gaze at the stars. Bring hot chocolate and snacks if you want.

ALSO, the Harvest Moon will be shining bright in the sky during 28th - 29th September if you fancied spotting it this year.

Free Things to Do This Autumn with Kids

So put on your cosiest clothes, grab your wellies and head out on an Autumn adventure!

If you have more suggestions for free autumn activities in the UK or memorable family experiences to share, feel free to leave a comment below!

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Free Things to Do This Autumn with Kids

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