(AD/Review) The Perfect Cosy Christmas Gift - Moshulu Spotty Bootie Slippers

Moshulu Spotty Bootie Slippers Review

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As parent's we are always looking out for beautiful, comfortable clothing and shoes for our little ones. Moshulu's Bo & Mini Bo Short Spotty Booty Slippers are exactly that. Comfy, fun, cosy and cute!

Both colourful and playful, the gorgeous spotty pattern will capture the imagination of your little explorers (personally, I think they look like delicate little elf or pixie shoes, but I'll let my little ones make their mind up about that!). These vibrant slippers will look just adorable on tiny feet.

Personally I think comfort is key when your children are little, and especially if they are always on the move! With a sturdy, grippy rubber sole and cosy lining these beautiful slippers are both comfortable and resilient! The faux fur fluffy lining will keep your little ones tootsies snug, all day long whether they are running around like maniacs inside, or having a calming movie night.

Moshulu Spotty Bootie Slippers Review

Plus, the slip on bootie design is ideal for younger children meaning they can easily change into their cosy new slippers whenever they want. A thoughtful gift for your little ones to keep them cosy and snug this Christmas!

These slippers are available in 'Mini Bo' size Kids 10 - 1, or the 'Bo' size comes in 3-9, (meaning you could even match your little ones if you wanted!) 

Who needs matching PJ's when you can all have matching slippers instead?

Spotty Bootie Slippers available from Moshulu

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