Embracing the Charm of Simple Living as a Mum

Embracing the Charm of Simple Living as a Mum

In a world where every day feels so busy, so rushed, so constant - the 'cottage-core' lifestyle offers a soothing escape to simpler times. But you can actually, easily switch up your home and daily life into a more simple living lifestyle.

Embrace Nature
Creating a simple, cottage-core lifestyle is all about celebrating the beauty of nature. Taking your little ones on nature walks, to collect wildflowers (if allowed), branches and leaves. Use these magical treasures to create beautiful floral arrangements or rustic home decorations. Decorating your home with nature is such a wonderful way to connect to the great outdoors!

Homemade Decor
Incorporate handmade elements into your home decor. Encourage your children to create DIY crafts from materials you already have at home. Repurpose old fabrics scraps into cute bunting, turn chunky jars into candle holders for a cosy touch. The key is to embrace imperfections and celebrate the uniqueness of each homemade decoration.

Embracing the Charm of Simple Living as a Mum

Vintage Finds
Explore local charity shops for hidden treasures. Vintage tea cups, floral dresses, or worn in books can be the finishing touch to your look. Even try to incorporate these treasures into you daily routines. Enjoy a cup of tea in your new mug or displaying your gorgeous thrifted books in a cute arrangement.

Garden Magic
Transform a corner of your outdoor space into a cottage style garden. Fill it with gorgeous cut flower, or even try your hand and growing your own fruits or veggies, creating a delightful patch of greenery. Get your hands dirty with your little ones and connect to nature. It's such a budget friendly way to create a peaceful haven right outside your door!

Slow Living Rituals
Introduce simple yet meaningful rituals into your every day routine. Whether it's baking a loaf of bread, having a family picnic, eating dinner together with candlelight, or going for an early morning walk. These moments cost nothing, but create amazing memories with your family.

Embracing the Charm of Simple Living as a Mum

Second-hand Gems
Embrace second-hand and hand-me-downs. Shop second-hand, appreciate and accept the wonders of hand-me-downs from family and friends and you might just come across your new favourite piece of home decor or clothing!

Nature Inspired Play
Creating moments for nature-inspired play is one of my absolute favourite things. Collecting fallen leaves for crafts, building fairy houses from twigs and leaves, or heading out for a scavenger hunt in your local area. Create a love for the great outdoors by letting your little ones explore the wonders of the natural world.

Connection Over Consumption
The art of simple living is connection. With nature, with loved ones, and with the simple joys in life. Prioritise shared experiences and quality time over material possessions! A walk in the park, reading stories under a duvet, sleepovers in each other's beds. Priceless moments are so rewarding.

The simple living, cottage-core lifestyle can nourish your soul, without straining your purse. Transform your everyday life into a magical one!

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