Embrace Spring Showers In Style - Full Length Raincoat Review from Lighthouse Clothing

Full Length Raincoat Review from Lighthouse Clothing

As the seasons have changed and the Spring showers have arrived, it maybe time to purchase the perfect raincoat. I was kindly given the opportunity to review the Outback Full Length Waterproof Raincoat from Lighthouse Clothing

I chose the raincoat in a gorgeous Plum colour. It has a beautiful country look, with checked print on the inside and a decent amount of zipable pockets too - it's the perfect coat for making it through the spring showers fairly dry!

I decided to really put the coat to the test, I went out for a walk in the torrential wind and rain! With my hood up, the coat zipped up tight and my pockets filled and zipped up too. 

Full Length Raincoat Review from Lighthouse Clothing

Safe to say, I am extremely impressed. Not only did my whole body, and hair remain perfectly dry (aside from my fringe, but that's not the coat's fault!) but all the items in my pockets remained perfectly dry too. Not to mention the fact that my hood stayed firmly up the entire time, and trust me it was very windy!

So yes, I can safely say the raincoat is highly waterproof and windproof, offering a lot of protection against harsh weather conditions! The coat has a detachable hood, a cape, and walking leg straps to help ensure you stay perfectly dry against the elements. 

I have to admit though, I did struggle walking the first time I wore the coat, but that's because I didn't really understand the walking straps and somehow sort of tied my legs together. Hahahaha. So here's your warning not to make the same mistake as me!!

I absolutely love the little details on this gorgeous coat too, the cute cape, the stylish brass toggles and buttons - it's a very pretty raincoat! 

Full Length Raincoat Review from Lighthouse Clothing

So whether you are out running errands, walking the dog or going for a muddy puddle walk with your little ones - the Outback Raincoat ensures you look fab while keep cosy and dry at the same time. A well made, well thought out, cosy and effective raincoat. I'm a big fan!

Find out more about the Outback Full Length Raincoat here, or have a look at all the other fab items Lighthouse has to offer!

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