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26 couples who have this whole relationship thing figured out


Switching Off!

Can you not switch your brain off?
Do you find yourself lying awake at night?
Trying to sleep, but things keep popping into your head? Things you're worried about? Things you have to remember?

This is probably getting you stressed, imagining things going wrong, which is making you more stressed!!

Maybe you've got a lot to do tomorrow, or maybe you've had a busy day and you're just reliving all the stress in your head. Why? This will stop you from relaxing.

So I'm sharing a few tips today about
1. Remove distractions
Clear away any distractions. Noise, light, gadgets.

2. Breathe
Concentrate on your breathing. Lower your heart rate. In through your nose and out through your mouth. 

3. Stop focusing on the fact that you need to switch off. 
Stop thinking about the fact that you need to calm down, or fall asleep.
Trying to force yourself isn't going to achieve anything.

4. Write it all down.
Why you are stressed. What you can't forget. What you are worrying about. It can wait until tomorrow.
5. Chill your life.
If you frequently find yourself unable to switch off, maybe your mind is telling you something. Maybe you're doing too much, maybe you need to step back and focus on your well-being.

6. Remind yourself that your worries are not helping.
You're preventing yourself from fixing the problem. You may be worrying about something ridiculous. Stop over-thinking and take a break. 

7. Finally, if you're trying to switch off and fall asleep. 
Turn that Ipad off. Turn your phone off. Put ear plugs in. Whatever it takes. Just be you. 

Do you find yourself taking on too much?

Do you struggle to switch off?

BRITA Fill & Go Bottle

I've been recently trying to be a bit healthier, and drinking more water was one thing I really wanted to achieve. 
It turns out, cups of tea don't really count (contrary to what my mum says!) Haha.

Luckily, I was recently given the opportunity to try out the new Brita Fill & Go bottle!
The bottle has a built in filter which ensures the water is healthy & drinkable, wherever you are!
Bottled water is so expensive, and tap water is really often full of nasties, 
so being able to have filtered water wherever you are is ideal!

The filter reduces the amount of chlorine and other substances, 
and you only change it after you've gone through about 20 litres. 

The Fill & Go bottle is better for you, and better for the environment, 
reduces the amount of plastic bottles being thrown away as the bottle is reusable. 

I also love the look of the bottle, it doesn't look too 'sporty' and its available in lots of colours.
I chose blue, my favourite colour at the moment. 

The Fill & Go definitely makes water taste different, a much nicer, less metallic taste than tap water. It makes it so much easier to drink, and my little girlie likes it too, and she never drinks water! I may buy one for her too! 
It's BPA free so it's perfectly fine for children to use too.

I highly recommend the Brita Fill & Go if you are looking for a new water bottle, 
or wanting to try and be healthier like me and drink more water!

You can see the full Brita Fill & Go range here.

This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. 
received my own bottle to review. All opinions are my own.

A-Z My Favourite Movies

I'm starting a new series, it's simply called;
I let you in on a few of my favourites things, in list form (one of my favourite things, lists!)
I'm obviously going to start this series with another one of my favourite things, movies.

So without further ado..

About time
Breakfast club
Crazy, Stupid, Love
Dallas Buyers Club
Easy A
Get him to the Greek
He's Just Not That Into You
I love you man
Jacket (the)
Kill Bill
Life of Pi
Magic Mike
Now You See Me
One flew over the cuckoos nest
Pulp fiction
Reservoir dogs
Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Ten things I hate about you
Vanilla Sky
Wolf of Wall Street
Yes Man

Are you a fan of any of these movies?
What are some of your favourite movies?

What Actually Makes Food Organic?

Silent Sunday

Little Dish - My First Pizza

In our household, we tend to eat pizza at least once a week, normally fridays when we are just too tired to cook! 
Little Dish have come up with My First Pizza. 
A healthier alternative for the little ones.
We were recently given the opportunity to try them out! 
We were sent 3 different pizzas, the classic margherita, pesto chicken & veg and mini meatballs and veg. Along with the pizzas ,we were also sent some crayons and colouring in pages, and an apron which all came in a cute little cool bag. 
It was very exciting for both me & the little girlie! 
(She has been using the crayons every day since!)
The Little Dish pizza range are packed full of vegetables, all natural ingredients, no added nasties! The pizzas were topped with little veggie bits, and the bases have carrot puree in them. 
Perfect, easy way to get your little ones to eat their 5 a day! 

The sizes of the pizzas are just right too, perfect toddler size.
Little Girlie enjoyed the classic margherita the most. (She's a tad fussy) and often picks off veggies if she can see them. 
She did try all of them though.

I think these pizzas are a fantastic idea, for a quick, convenient, yet healthy dinner for your little ones.

You can see the full Little Dish range here

This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. 
received my own pizzas to review. All opinions are my own.

Why I Miss Being Pregnant

Yes it's true, I do actually miss being pregnant. 
Of course, I love my babies more than the world. I obviously don't wish they weren't born or anything! There's just a few things I do miss about those pregnancy days.

Can You Cook A Meal In 10 Minutes?

I was recently set the 10 minute meal challenge!
A challenge set by Birds Eye to try their new Stir your senses range. 
Frozen, but delicious meals that can be prepared in just 10 minutes. 

It's a range of international stir-cooked meals, easy to prepare by just heating in a pan.
We were excited to try them and see how good they are!

Sometimes the days just fly by, and it's already dinner time and I haven't prepared anything!
These meals are perfect for a quick, and easy ready meal but so delicious!
There's four categories of meals; Indian, Thai, Spanish & Italian.
We love Italian in this household, so I chose the Tagliatelle con Porcini and the Rigatoni alla Carbonara.

The Tagliatelle con Porcini is fresh egg Tagliatelle in a scrumptious creamy sauce with porcini mushrooms. After 8 minutes of cooking, it was cooked perfectly, not dry, no funny frozen meal taste. Just yum.

Secondly, the Rigatoni alla Carbonara is Rigatoni pasta with smoked bacon and a creamy cheese sauce. I love a good carbonara, and this one was no exception. Perfect amount of bacon and cheese, so creamy too!
Both of these meals were a big hit in my house! 
I will definetly be purchasing these meals in the future, I would love to try out some of the other flavours! You can find all the meals here.

Stir your senses range is available from all good supermarkets, and retails at £2.99.

25 Things I've Learnt In 25 Years

Happy Birthday To Me :)
Today is my 25th Birthday!

I've officially got to the age, where I forget how old I am, 

the years seem to blend into one.

I still sometimes get I'D, sometimes. Haha.

But I'm happy the way my life is right now. 
To be honest, it's pretty the way I hoped it'd be when I was this age! 
(Apart from a few exceptions, lack of money etc)

Anyway...I thought I would share my
1. You can't please everyone.
Sometimes you may disappoint others, or sometimes you may have to put your happiness first. You can make everyone happy, and you can't make everyone like you.

2. Get enough sleep.
Everyone needs sleep. You need to get enough sleep every night, or at least catch up with occasional naps (like I do!) Make sure you have an adequate amount of sleep to be able to live each day to the fullest.

3. Time heals most wounds.
Maybe not all wounds, but most things heal in time. Some things cannot be rushed, but don't expect to feel this way forever. Take one day at a time.

4. Some people are toxic.
If you have someone in your life who makes you miserable, angry, or you don't even know why you associate with them at all. Step back, and stay away from them. You don't need that kind of negative energy.

5. Keep learning.
You may not be in education any more, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be learning. We tend to lose the child-like curiosity as we grow older, but it's important to keep an open mind. Keep reading, keep looking, keep up with what's going on. Being curious and interested keeps life more exciting.

6. Family is everything.
Everybody should have a group of people who they love unconditionally. Blood related or not. Cherish & comfort the ones you love. Take care of them & support them.
They'll be there for you, and you for them.

7. Tea solves everything. 
Need I say more?

8. Spend time focusing on yourself.
Everyone needs some me time now and then, no matter how limited, make sure you take the time to just be you. 

9. It's OK not to be OK.
You can't always be happy, no one can.
It's not good for you to pretend your OK when your not.
Let it out, express your feelings. 

10. Take photos & print them.
Everyone seems to take a lot of photos nowadays, it's good & helps you to remember the little things each day. But get those photos printed.
Treasure the photos.

11. I have 'resting bitch face'.
Yes this is a point I have learnt.
I always wondered, why do people think I'm angry/miserable/sulking all the time.
This is just my face! Haha

12. Prioritise your health.
Visit your doctor if you feel unwell, have regular check ups and visit the dentist.
Eat healthily & exercise. It's your body. Take care of it, it's the only one you've got.

13. Tell the ones you love, that you love them!
Tell them all the time, remind them of it everyday. 
Show them how much you care about them.

14. Help those less fortunate.
Everyone can help someone. Donate to charity, help the elderly, give advice, give away your clothes you don't need. There's always something you can do to help another person.

15. Don't change for anyone.
No ones going to change for you, you shouldn't have to change for anyone else.
You are your own person. Be whoever you want to be.

16. You deserve to be happy.
You know what you want, you know what it takes to be happy.
Make it happen.

17. Don't save things for a special occasions.
Special china for when you have guests, fancy jewellery for anniversaries, luxury bath products you were given for Christmas. What's the point in saving these things for a special day. Appreciate and enjoy every single day.

18. My children are my everything.
I will take care of them, guide them, protect them for all eternity.
I love them more than I ever knew I could love.
They are my world.

19. Who you were before, doesn't define who you are now.
I used to be a complete different person, that person was not nice, and I'm glad she's gone. But she is gone. This is who I am now. 

20. Don't compare yourself to others.
Their lives may look perfect from the outside, but you don't know what challenges they may face everyday. Everyone has good days and bad days, everyone has obstacles in life.
Don't compare & don't be jealous.

21. Giving and receiving actual post is the best.
Handwritten letters, birthday cards. Actually receiving them is so much better than a quick text or message on Facebook.

22. Don't invest too much time on Social Media.
It is NOT real life. Get out into the world.
Don't waste your time online.

23. Do what you enjoy.
Get a hobby that you like doing, no matter what anyone else thinks.

24. Appreciate your natural beauty
You don't need to wear a face full of make up everyday, it's bad for your skin.
You are beautiful. 

25. Just because you're 25, doesn't mean you have it all figured out.

Films To Look Forward To (2016)

There's so many movies out this year!
There's also a lot of sequels, remakes and completely bizarre ones too! (Angry Birds, Minecraft?)
But there's also a few ones that i'm looking forward to & hoping they will be as awesome as they look.
Here's my list of the ones I can't wait to watch!

Finding Dory
Seriously, do you know anyone who isn't looking forward to this movie?
We've been waiting long enough! That reminds me, I need to rewatch Finding Nemo!
Now You See Me 2
I loved the first one!
I love magic and illusions, the cast is perfect too, this time including Daniel Radcliffe and Lizzy Caplan <3.
(I actually really like Daniel Radcliffe, now he's got rid of his Harry Potter persona.)
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
I'm not sure how good this film is actually going to be, but I like the idea of it.
So I'm looking forward to watching and finding out!
Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them
I don't honestly know much about this movie, all I know is its about the author of a fictional book, (which is now a real book!) which Harry Potter & his chums read in the series. Very confusing! But it's about witches & wizards, and along the same lines of Harry Potter, so, awesome! Haha. 
Suicide Squad
This movie looks awesome. It's just my kind of movie.
Based on DC comics antihero squad. It's like a darker, superhero movie.
And Jared Leto as The Joker. Amazing.
Cannot wait. 

Doctor Strange
Another Marvel movie! I do like the movies, there's just so many I cant keep up!
But this one sounds very intriguing, plus Benedict Cumberbatch is awesome.

The Jungle Book
Another Disney reboot. 
I thought I would hate the fact that Disney were remaking all the classics, but the ones I've watched so far I have really enjoyed! Cinderella, Alice In Wonderland etc.
The Jungle Book is such a good story too, and the voice actors are a perfect choice I think.

Another anti-hero movie, but by Marvel this time.
He's not your typical superhero.
Cabin Fever
Gore Fest. It's Eli Roth, it's gonna be gruesome.
But it's a remake of the last one, and I liked the story, so hoping it'll be good.

The Witch
Witches and black magic really creeps me out!
So I'm looking forward to being terrified.
Watch the trailer (18+)
The Conjuring 2
I really enjoyed the first one. It's just how a horror movie should be. Creepy, Jumpy but not over the top.
Also the first movie was supposedly 'based on true events', which makes it more scary. 
Plus James Wan is a brilliant horror director!

Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children
A Tim Burton movie! Hooray! 
It's based on a book of the same name, about peculiar orphaned children, who live at a peculiar orphanage, where their guardian must protect them from mysterious creatures.

What films are you looking forward to this year? 

Silent Sunday

Little Update

I've decided, I'm definitely the time of person who likes to take breaks from blogging.
It's nice to have a bit of time to relax, appreciate the little moments and generally just catch up on day to day things! 
(It's not like I haven't been super busy though! :p )

I thought I'd share with you a little update today, about what's going on with me! :)

First of all, I'm gonna be 25 next week!
A quarter of a century. Mmm. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that just yet. Haha.
No, I'm not bothered, I still feel the same as I did when I was 21, but now I'm a mum! :)
Life is busy, non stop really. But I love it. I'm trying to appreciate every moment with my little cuties, but also make the most of my me-time. Blogging, Crafting, Watching movies with The Boyf. :)
My little ones are growing up so fast too!

Little Girlie will be 2 next week. I cant quite believe it.
She's so clever & cute & hilarious.
Saying so many words now as well. Like all of a sudden, one day, she could just say any word!
(I know people say that one day they won't be talking, the next they wont stop talking, but that's honestly what happened!

Little Guy is so adorable too. He's 6 months now, half a year old! Where did that time go?!
He can already roll over (and over & over), sit up by himself for a short amount of time and he's very noisy!
He likes to giggle, and shout, and babble and GROWL a lot.
Combining this with the fact he's teething, he's just a little growling monster who will dive at you and try to bite you! Haha.

So that's my latest update, what's new with you? :)

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Getting A Good Nights Sleep

I need my sleep. I simply cannot function whatsoever, if I do not have an adequate amount of sleep every night. :) Luckily, my little ones follow in my footsteps and love their sleep. They (nearly) always sleep 12 hours a night, and if I was sensible I would go to sleep early and make the most of it. But I don't. I stay up late, I search the internet, I make lists, I watch movies downstairs. Then by the time I finally get myself ready for sleep, it's already the next day. Haha. My fault really!
I need to be able to relax and wind down, in bed, and my bed needs to be comfy and cosy.

Your duvet and pillows need to be just right, I swear no one likes the same kind of pillows!
Luckily Sleepy People were very kind and offered me the chance to review one of their pillows, using a survey type tool, which helps narrow down the best pillows suited for you. 

Using the Pillow Selector tool, it asks you few questions about your sleeping habits, for example if you sleep on your back, side or front. I sleep on my front most of the time, so obviously I wouldn't suit a pillow that was too firm or large.

I was sent the 'Sound Asleep Original Speaker' Pillow. Yeah, normally if you buy a pillow, you check it for firmness, filling etc. But this pillow has a built in speaker!
Seriously it's amazing, I can lie down, and watch movies in my comfy, cosy bed.
(Watching movies does prepare me for sleep honestly). 
You just use the lead to plug into your device, change the volume and relax.
It's the best invention ever! As a bonus, when the little ones are in my bed too, it doesn't disturb them, and only I can hear it with my head on the pillow. It's such a squishy, comfy pillow too.

If you not getting a good enough nights sleep or are looking for the perfect pillow for you, I definitely recommend Sleepy People. Using their Pillow Selector tool, you can find your ideal pillow too! Sleep Well!

This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. 
received my own pillow to review. All opinions are my own.

DIY Rememberlutions Jar

What is a Rememberlutions jar?
It's an adorable and happy way to start & end each year! :)
It's aim is to cherish the little moments throughout the year.

And look back on it on New Years Eve, at all the amazing & wonderful things that happened that year. :)

Some people like to write things everyday (but to be honest, i'm not going to remember every day, so i'm just going to pop little notes in whenever!)

It's so easy to do, all you need is a jar & some items to make your jar pretty! <3

I've just used some glitter glue & a Sharpie, 
but you can decorate your jar anyway you wish!

When you've made your jar beautiful, just pop little notes in, on scraps of paper.
It can be anything, big or small, personal achievements, moments that make you smile, things you are proud of. 
Happy surprises, memories, things that make you laugh.
Anything you want! :)

It'll be something happy to look forward to in a years time.
Will you be making a Rememberlutions jar?

Inspired by this post.