My Favourite SPRING Posts - Round Up ❀

I've written quite a few Spring themed posts before, 
so I wanted to gather them up and share a few of my favourites with you! 
Hope you like them, and hopefully it'll inspire you to get out into the sunshine! :)

Perfect to spread some flowery joy!

What are you planning for this Spring?

Ella's Kitchen Review #2

As you may or may not know, I am a big fan of Ella's Kitchen products.
There's so much to choose from, and the little ones seem to love them too!

We were recently givrn the opportunity to try out some different goodies that I'd never heard of before.
Strawberry & Banana Melty Puffs
These were a definite favourite. I shared them between the little ones, and they were all munched in seconds!
I love the idea of these, they have a similar texture and look to crisps, but they're fruit flavour.
Do they make these for grown ups?!
Vanilla & Banana Melty Hoops
These look similar to Cheerios, but with a fruity vanilla taste!
They smell so vanilla-ey! 
I've been giving little guy a handful of these for breakfast and they've been going down a treat.
Tomato & Cheese Melty Hoops
These seem a bit peculiar to me, and they look like cereal!
That's just my opinion though, they make a tasty snack for the little ones, or at lunch time. 
These have also been completely eaten! Haha.
Parsnips & Poppy Seed Savoury Biscuits
Sadly, these did not go down as well.
My little ones just do not like the taste of parsnips, never have.
I'm sure they'd be perfect for not-so-fussy little ones!
Raspberry & Peach Crunchy Rings
Some more fruity/crisps! Oh my gosh these smell SO much like raspberry, yum!
I think fruit flavour 'crisps' are such a good idea.
My little guy especially loved these.
Carrots & Lentils Crunchy Sticks
I gave the little ones these to share with their lunch, they did seem to like them, 
but definetly not as much as the fruity ones. I think they're just like me, 
and much prefer fruit to vegetables!
Cheese Crunchy Wheels
In this household we love cheese! Haha.
Cheese, cheese crisps, cheese biscuits. 
I'll admit I did try one of these, before they all get munched up!
Haha. Very delicious.

I highly recommend Ella's Kitchen for Baby & Toddler products.
My little ones always seem to love them!

This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. 
received my own Food to review. All opinions are my own.

Easter Basket For A Two Year Old

I was a tad lazy this year, and decided to make a shared Easter Basket for my little ones. (9 months & 2 years). Well to be perfectly honest, I didn't see much point. They play with each others toys, and they'd only want what the other one has! But I still created this basket with my 2 year old in mind.

Last year's basket was a big hit, and one of the books I included is her favourite so that was definitely a good choice. You can see my Easter Basket for a 1 year old here.

The basket I used is actually a spare one I had around the house, 
and the 'grass' in the basket, I saved from when I received a parcel a while back. Cheapskate.

Here's what I included in the basket;
1. Bing DVD
The Little Ones are really liking Bing at the moment, 
and it is quite cute to be honest, if a bit silly.
But Little Girlie saw this and her eyes lit up, she didn't know I got it.
And Hey, it's a bunny, so that's Easter themed right?
2. Funny Faces Easter Eggs (in the eggbox)
I think this one will be a nice little surprise when they open the eggbox.
You can see what's inside here.
3. Soft Bunny & Lamb Toys
There needs to be a soft toy in there somewhere, 
and these are only little, and look at their little faces!
4. Bunny Ears!
Of course!
5. Funny Bunny Colouring Book
Themed colouring books are always a hit, and little girlie loves colouring at the moment.
6. Thomas & The Easter Egg Hunt Book
The little ones do love books, and I felt their needed to be a more boyish item included. So this book is perfect.
7. I'm Not Sleepy Book
I don't think this book is at all Easter themed, apart from the fact that it's a chick!
But a book's a book. So I'm sure it'll go down a treat.
8. A couple of mini Lindt bunnies
Just a little bit of chocolate :)

What would you include in an Easter basket?

Silent Sunday

The Day Our House Caught Fire

On Thursday, the little ones and I went out for the day, The Boyfriend was at home. 
At about 10:30 I heard my phone ringing. 6 missed calls. 
I call The Boyfriend back to see what was up, and to be completely blunt,
he told me our house was on fire! WHAT.
I didn't really believe him. 
The fire started in our garden, probably somewhere around the huge cardboard boxes full of bedding that was going to the tip. I imagine duvets and pillows are very flammable! 

The fire then spread to our fence, and garden, our next-door neighbours kitchen and our kitchen. Luckily our next door neighbour's window just got a bit burnt, nothing too bad. 
Our garden is black, our kitchen windows are boarded up. 

I'm making it sound a lot more dramatic than it was. Haha. 

But it was still scary! 
I think I'd have been utterly useless if I had been there, 
(probably something like this)
and I am so thankful the little ones weren't there! 
I just keep thinking about what might have happened.
Now to get back on with cleaning up the black soot everywhere.

Silent Sunday

The Cutest Leggings Ever

I love buying clothes for the little ones.
I literally never buy myself new clothes, because I just want to buy them clothes!
Little clothes are the best, I want them all!

Now I need to show you these leggings;
Aren't they just the most adorable leggings you have ever seen?
I love the fact that little girlie & little guy have matching but not matching leggings!

They are from an amazing company called Little Chickie
who sell baby & toddler clothes (amongst lots of other things!)

I got the Baby Girl Daisy Print Leggings for little girlie, 
and the Baby Boy Monster Print Leggings for little guy.
Both pairs of leggings, are warm and cozy, 
but still allow the little ones to run/crawl/roll/jump around without restrictions!

They are so cute, and the quality is exceptional.
They also wash really well, which is ideal for little babies..
who like to eat..
and fill their nappies. 
A lot. Haha.

I highly recommend Little Chickie if you are looking for some gorgeous 
and unique clothes for you little ones!

Little Chickie specialises in gorgeous, quality and affordable clothes and gifts for 0 - 3 year olds.  
Our clothes are modern and stylish yet classic, cute and child-like.  
We source designs from new and established British and worldwide brands 
and we try and find something a bit special and a bit different.
This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. 
received my own Leggings to review. All opinions are my own.

I'm Having A Bad Bad Day..

Everyone has bad days. 
Not just grumpy, tired days. 
The kind of days when you just want to shut your eyes and have some time just you. 
The kind of days when everything makes you cry, like the fact that there's no teabags left 
or you missed your favourite show last night.
I had a bad day last week. The little ones were happy playing, 
and the boyfriend turned the xbox on. 
That was all. I went upstairs, lay on the bed and cried for a few minutes.
Do you ever have bad days like this? 

Here's my helpful list of things to do when you are having a bad day.
Hopefully you take some tips on board, and try to make the best of every day.
Even if you don't really feel like it.

1. Have a shower & get dressed
2. Open a window
3. Exercise
4. Cuddle someone
5. Get of the internet
6. Go for a walk
7. Laugh
8. Eat some chocolate
9. Drink tea
10. Wear colourful socks/shoes
11. Make something
12. Call someone on the phone
13. Put on your favourite song & dance
14. Pick or buy flowers for yourself
15. Give a surprise gift to someone else
16. Nap
17. Make plans. For the week, month, year
18. Print inspirational quotes
19. Appreciate all you have
20. Stop reading this list, go make today an amazing day!

Do you have any tips for when you're having a rubbish day?

Funny Face Easter Eggs

I'm putting together an Easter basket for the little ones, 
so I'm constantly on the lookout for cute, unique things to fill them up!
I came across a shop called Sweet Memory Lane, who sell traditional sweets, 
and I thought that something from there would be perfect!
I was sent the 1/2 Dozen Funny Face Easter Eggs!
As soon as I opened it, I knew this would be perfect for the little ones.
It's definitely something cute & unique.
I love the fact that they actually come in an egg box, and I'm sure on Easter Sunday, they'll be excited to open up the box and discover the funny faces, (and even more excited when they discover there's something inside the eggs!)

You can fill the eggs with chocolate, Creme eggs, Bonbons etc, and if like me, 
you can't decide, you can get a mixture!

I think these little guys would make a fantastic gift, 
if you're looking for something a little different.
And they're much more fun than a plain old Easter Egg!

Sweet Memory Lane is a traditional family sweet shop, run by a fun loving and quirky team of Sweet lovers. 
Whether you want a quarter of a sweet you thought was long lost or a bag of your favourite treats we are here to serve you with a smile.

This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. 
received my own Easter Eggs to review. All opinions are my own.

Cat's Got The Measles, Mumma's Got The Flu..

Chicken's Got The Chicken Pox & SO HAVE YOU!
(Does anyone else remember this?!)
So I've been ill these past couple of weeks, it may or may not have been the flu.
Probably not, maybe just a super bad cold, but i'm telling you it aint no normal cold.
Perhaps Man Flu? Can women get Man flu? Haha.

So yeah, I haven't left the house for days, been snuggled up in bed, eating soup and drinking infinite amounts of tea, while glancing at Netflix, in between naps.


This is not true.
I am a Stay at Home Mum, with an excitable toddler, and a teething baby.

We all had colds about 2 weeks back, slight coughs and runny noses.
I thought to myself  'It'll be ok, we'll all get over it in a week or so, cold's are ignorable, I can carry on'.

The Boyfriend got a bit of a cold, the little ones had runny noses, I got the worst of it.
Runny nose, chesty cough, earache, toothache, headache.
Being sick from the pain. Oh how much fun that was.

Sorry if it sounds like I was feeling sorry for myself.
(Truth is I was some days)

Working Mums, Stay at Home Mums all know -
Getting ill is not in the job description.
It needs to be avoided at all costs, and if you do so happen to get ill, 
you must ignore it 
and carry on as normal.

You still have to clean & tidy, get little ones dressed, entertain them, do the food shopping, take them to bed at night, do everything you would do normally, except this time, you feel like crap.
(Trying to celebrate Mother's Day, 
and take a nice photo where you don't like disgusting and ill, is hard work too! Haha)

I'm not complaining, I love being a mum, and I love my babies more than the world.

But being ill & being a mum at the same time is hard work.

So, don't forget.

Silent Sunday

Friday Favourites







Boxcitement Subscription Box!

I am a huge fan of subscription boxes! I love the fact that its always a surprise, 
you never know what you're going to get!

Boxcitement is a monthly subscription box that brings you an exclusive collection of 
quality stationery items, 
crafting and wrapping accessories 
and a range of stylish gifts. 

I was so excited when I heard the box fall onto the doormat, I couldn't wait to open it!

Inside the box was beautifully presented, like a proper present. 

The theme for this months box was 'Guess Who's Coming To Dinner'.
I was a bit underwhelmed to be honest when I found this out, as I am not one for hosting dinner parties. 
I am far too tired for that! Haha.

Saying that though, when I had a good look through the box, I realised that 'the theme' really doesn't matter. 
There were so many pretty things!
* Gorgeous silver letterpress invitations
* A Dinner Party Planner
* A Personalised box of after dinner mints! So cute.
* 4 pretty tealight candles, I do love candles!
* Gorgeous ribbon
* A craft kit to make your own glass & wire bracelet! (My favourite item! So adorable!)
* And a personalised 'morning after kit' which included lip balm, Berocca,  toning eye gel and some ear plugs. 
To be honest, I don't need to drink, I can easily make use of this!

You can tell the detail that was put into these boxes, and how well they have been thought out. 

You can visit Boxcitement, and sign up today for your own box!

I'd definitely love to get another one!

This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. 
received my own box to review. All opinions are my own.

Hello Spring ✿

I do love a bit of Spring, me.

I think after a while, Winter does get a bit tedious. You're fed up of being cold, too cold to go out, don't wanna get up in the morning. Then Spring comes along, all happy & chirpy, sunshine & flowers. Much better 

To me, Spring feels like a new start. Winter's over, it's time to get your arse into gear and start making this year amazing
New beginnings
Picking flowers
Happy Days

Spring to do list, spring bucket list. I think after a while, Winter does get a bit tedious. You're fed up of being cold, too cold to go out, don't wanna get up in the morning. Then Spring comes along, all happy & chirpy, sunshine & flowers. Much better.

DIY Magnetic Bookmarks

I wish I read more.
I want to be one of those people who reads in bed, before they go to sleep.
Picks up the book again, and reads a bit more while drinking their morning beverage.
I did used to read a lot in bed, but nowadays, I just seem to waste time on the internet until I fall asleep. :/

I have decided I am finally going to start reading the book that has been on my desk for months, and to help me restart this habit, I wanted to make myself a cute bookmark!

You Will Need:
* Thin Paper
* Washi Tape
* Magnetic Tape
1. Cut your paper into a bookmark shape, 
however wide or long you want it.

2. Cover one side of your bookmark with washi tape, 
make sure there is some over the edges though.

3. Turn the bookmark over & fold over the edges neatly.
Put more washi tape on this side to cover the folds.

4. Cut the ends of the tape so it looks tidy, and fold it in half. so the less tidy side is on the inside.

5. Cut two small magnet pieces and stick them to either end of the 
inside of the bookmark.
6. Fold in over a page in a book, to save the page!
You're done!


Do you need to improve your reading habits?
Will you be making this easy, yet super cute DIY bookmark?