The Ultimate Happy Shopping List

Everyone has bad days now & then.
Sometimes we need a little cheering up, buying yourself a little treat.
I very rarely buy anything for myself, I don't mind, 
and it's make it all the more special when I treat myself. 
Buy myself a little gift. 

To Me,
Love From Me.

So I'm sharing with you a few ideas, some expensive, some super cheap,
little things you can purchase when you're feeling a little down in the dumps. 

15 Most Shocking Movie Twists

I absolutely love movies with a twist ending, 
especially if it's a twist that you haven't guessed!

Is it just me, or does it make you just a little bit happy, when films have unhappy endings? 
90% of films end like '..And they lived happy ever after' 
so it makes me smile when that DOESN'T happen!

I have compiled a list of my favourite movies with twist endings!
I'm not giving the twists away so you can experience them for yourself!
I highly recommend you watch them! 

Silent Sunday

DIY Romantic Heart Bunting

I haven't made any bunting for a while, 
and I wanted to find a use some beautiful paper I recently bought!

Life Lately

I haven't done one of these posts for a while, so I fancied writing one.
A little update, blabber, chat about what's been going on in my life recently.

HoneyTree Post Review & GIVEAWAY

Every time a bill, or a leaflet or post 
that isn't addressed to you comes through your letterbox..
Don't you just feel a little disappointed?

Which makes it all the more exciting when you receive beautiful, happy post instead!
At this time, all communication seems to revolve around technology.
Emails, Tweets, Facebook messenger, even texts 
are far more common ways to chat nowadays,
that's what makes receiving snail mail all the more special!

Silent Sunday

Cranes Cider

I never used to be a cider drinker. In fact I used to hate the stuff. 
That was until a came across different fruity flavoured ciders
and I was officially converted. I love it.

Online Shops You HAVE To Visit

So many people are opening their own shops now, and it's great to see.
There is so much variety and all sorts of different things people have created.
I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite shops today;
pop over, browse around, maybe even purchase something beautiful.

Silent Sunday


I wanted to write today about my phobia, and why it scares me.
I don't know how common or uncommon this particular phobia it is, but it's a very real, and terrifying fear.
I can't see myself getting over this fear anytime soon!

TV Shows I Need To Catch Up On

Sometimes I feel like I'm so behind with the times.
I am not funky. Is it hip to be square?
Hahaha. Sorry, I don't know what happened there.

Today I wanted to compile a list of TV shows I need to catch up on!
Some of them I have actually watched, some of them I just feel like I need or should watch.
Sadly though, there is no Game of Thrones, Vikings, Gossip Girl.
I'm afraid none of them will ever be on the list. :P

Best Of May

*Obligatory 'how fast is this year going' intro*
It's already June, The 6th month of the year. In another 6 months 
it's going to be Christmas again!
Ahh, don't think about that!

I wanted to share with you today, my favourite posts of this month. Enjoy 

Silent Sunday

The Day My Daughter Didn't Want To Know Me

She didn't want to cuddle me, speak to me or even look at me.
I say 'Day', but really it was only a few hours, and for a perfectly understandable reason.

101 Uses For Coconut Oil

I have only recently discovered the amazing power of Coconut Oil, 
and since then I have been testing & trying out so many different ways it can be used.
On your skin, in your hair, in the kitchen! 
Coconut Oil seriously has so many uses!!
So I have compiled a huge list of reasons why it is so amazing!