My Wedding Day

Need I say more?

Grace and Bloom Flowers

Who doesn't love flowers?
They brighten up a room, brighten up your mood!
It's so lovely having a bunch of fresh flowers in your home!

Identicals DVD Giveaway

I do love my movies.
I don't watch them as frequently as I used to, but we still watch quite a lot in this house!
I am also a fan of so many genres. Rom Coms, Horror, Science Fiction!

That's why I am excited to bring you a giveaway today!
Your chance to win a copy of the new Sci Fi hit, Identicals!

The film stars Lachlan Nieboer and Nora-Jayne Noone.
The film follows an organisation called 'Brand New-U' which identifies Identicals.
Identicals are people who seems to have the perfect lives. 
People who walk like you, talk like you but have have completely different, better lives. 
Slater (Nieboer) seems to have the perfect life, perfect girlfriend, perfect job. 
But Brand New-U abducts Slater's girlfriend and he is forced to become an identical

Good Luck!

Wedding Worries

I am getting married THIS SATURDAY!
Oh my gosh all the emotions!
I am so;

Silent Sunday

Book of the Month - A Squash and A Squeeze

I am starting a new series! (yes another one) 

Where my little ones & I focus on one book each month, read it, watch it (if possible) and do fun activities based on it. 
I thought it would be a really interesting idea!

Just Us Box- Date Night Subscription Box ♥

You must know by now, what a massive fan I am of subscription boxes I am!
It's all about the surprise, you never really know what you are going to receive! It's so exciting!

I was recently given the opportunity to try out an amazing new subscription box from Just Us.
It's a unique, monthly Date Night box, that helps you to reconnect with your other half.
Spend quality time together, with interesting, new activities!

Silent Sunday

Custom Cookie Co Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review some amazing personalised cookies from Custom Cookie Co!
I have seen so many photos of these delicious cookies and I had always wanted to try some myself!
I had mentioned that I was getting married this month, but I didn't really know what to expect, 
or what the biscuits would look like, so I was pleasantly surprised 
when I received these gorgeous goodies!

Coconut Lane GIVEAWAY

I have some super exciting news today!
I've got another amazing giveaway for you. Teaming up with Coconut Lane
to give one of you lovely people a chance to win a 
£10 gift voucher to use on their website!

The 'Alice 1951' Tag

I love the original Alice in Wonderland Disney movie. 
That's not saying I didn't like the newer version, 
I did like it. But the original is still the best in my eyes.
I was tagged by the awesome Danielle, to take part in her Alice 1951 Tag!
You can read her post here.
I do love tag posts, especially Disney ones! 
Who in Wonderland would you choose to be your best friend?
I definitely, without a doubt, pick The Mad Hatter!
I feel like the other characters are quite rude, or irritating.
For example, not getting to the point during a conversation!
I think The Mad Hatter would actually be a great friend, and a lot of fun!
Not to mention, tea parties everyday? Yes Please!

Would you rather be humongous or teeny tiny?
I think I'd pick teeny tiny. It might be more dangerous than being huge though!
But you could do some much more, and have so many more adventures!

What would your personal Wonderland look like?
Flowers everywhere. Rivers flowing, fruit growing on trees. 
Quiet and peaceful. Sunshine & rainbows. 

If you could take one possession with you to Wonderland, what would you take?
There is honestly nothing I couldn't live without. 
I guess..a notepad and pen?
There is nothing I need :)

Similarly, if you could take someone with you to explore, who would you take?
I'd take my little ones! If my Wonderland was the way I picture it, 
it'd be perfect for them.
An amazing place to share adventures.

Would you most enjoy: Sailing in a glass bottle, or falling down a rabbit hole?
When I first read this question I though, definitely sailing in a bottle! But then I started to think, the bottle would be clear, 
you could see (or not see!) what is beneath you, and the thought of that terrifies me!
So I pick falling down a rabbit hole, I imagine it'd be in slow motion anyway, so it wouldn't make my stomach drop!

Minus the Red Queen, who would you least like to bump into?
The Cheshire Cat! I think he would drive me insane. Constantly telling you different things, appearing out of nowhere, 
not helping you at all! He would so annoy me.

In the garden, which type of flower do you think you would be?
Tulips. I absolutely love Tulips. They are quite common, but they smell amazing 
and look so pretty.
(I'm not saying I smell amazing, or look so pretty. But I love Tulips! Haha!)

Which of these locations would you like to call home: The Dormouse's Teapot, The Cheshire Cat's Tree, 
The Red Queen's Castle, The Caterpillar's Mushroom.
I actually love the Caterpillar! I think I'd pick the tree though, 
would I be able to make a tree house??

What would you do if you had to stay in Wonderland for 5 years at a time 
or could never visit again?
I think I would pick 5 years at a time. What if it was the most amazing place in the world, and I could never see it again? 
Memories of it will fade, and you'll never be able to explore it again!
Besides, what if time moved differently in Wonderland?
What if 5 years there, was really only 5 days here??

I really liked this tag! Thank you so much Danielle for creating it and tagging me!
If you love Disney & Tags as much as me, I suggest you give this one a go! :)

Silent Sunday

Breastfeeding In Public

I'm going to be talking about breastfeeding.
If this makes you uncomfortable, don't read it.
If you don't agree with breastfeeding in public, don't read it.

Wedding Decor - Decopompoms

I have been admiring Pom Poms for a long time.
(Haha what a funny first sentence.)
I have always loved the look of the large tissue paper pom poms, 
and I knew months ago that they were exactly what I was looking for, 
for my wedding.

If You Looked...

If you looked into my home...
You'd see a whole bunch of toys. Scattered across the room, in my bed, in the bath. Everywhere.
I try to take a few to charity when we get more, but it just builds up.
It may not be a spotless show home, but it's our family home.

More TV Shows I Need To Catch Up On!

I honestly can't believe there are more of these!
I've previously wrote a massive list of tv shows I wanted to watch, and so far I've only watched one!
That one being Once Upon A Time! 
(I have a lot to say about that!)
Anyway, I partly like writing these lists to remind myself, and also to get ideas for others, 
and comments about the ones I have suggested. :)