DIY Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs are one of my favourite things to make, but I'm always scared how they'll turn out! But so far, they've always worked, so I'll show you how to make them too!

You Will Need:

* 300g Bicarbonate of Soda 
(Sodium Bicarbonate)
* 100g Citric Acid
* 10ml Almond Oil
* Water in a spray bottle
* Scent (I used vanilla)
* Mould (Silicone ice cube trays or cake moulds work fine)
* Food Colouring
* Dried Flowers

1. Put on rubber gloves, citric acid stings! Sieve the bicarb & citric acid into a bowl. Mix together well.

2. In another bowl with together the 10ml oil, a few drops of colour & fragrance

3. Add the oil to the powder & mix mix MIX! It might start to fizz so you have to be quick and just keep mixing! You can add your petals now if you're using them.

4. Spray the mixture with water and keep mixing.

Spray & mix, spray & mix.

5. You only want to get to the point where the mixture holds together when squeezed in your hand. If it fizzes too much or becomes sticky, you've gone too far! :P

6. Firmly fill up your moulds and smooth them over.

7. If you are using two mould's joining together, lightly spray once with water before you clip them together.

8. I left my bath bombs for 48 hours, and they were ready. But when I have made them before, I had to leave them for a week. So just keep an eye on them, and judge for yourself when you think they are ready! :)


Anonymous said...

My daughter would love to make these, we love bath bombs #sunday Stars

Sarah Christie said...

Ooh this so so clever , i will have to give this a go , thanks for linking up #SundayStars x

Unknown said...

You make it look so easy! Really want to try it, just have to fight off two children first...

Unknown said...

Very cool! I really want to try this one day - it's such a great DIY thrifty gift :) thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

Amanda said...

Wow, that looks so simple, I'm going to have to try, where do you get the citric acid from. Thanks for sharing #sundaystars

Sarah said...

It really is so easy!
And I actually did give these as a gift :)
I bought the Citric Acid on Amazon for £1!
Sarah x