Daffodil Suncatchers - Spring Themed Kids Craft

An easy to make & fun seasonal craft to do with your little ones!
You Will Need:
* Yellow/Orange Tissue paper
* Yellow Craft Foam
* Paper Cake Cases
* Contact Paper
* Glue

1. First you will need to cut out the daffodil template onto the foam, using the cake cases as a 'guideline' for the centre.
2. Next you'll need to cut out the flowers, and also the centre of the flowers.
3. We then stuck the flowers to the sticky side of contact paper, and add some tissue paper inside.
4. I added another layer of contact paper on top to seal.
5. We glued the cake cases to the centre of the flowers, and stuck them to the window! :)

Will you be making any Spring themed crafts with your little ones?

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The Makeup Mama said...

Very cute! I've never thought to use contact paper for crafts.

- The MakeupMama