Mummy Guilt

I feel like this is just one of those posts that I need to get out of my system. 
The kind of post that you don't really know what you are going to write, until you are writing it. 
Do you write like that sometimes? 

I've recently been suffering with a terrible case of mummy guilt

Mummy Guilt #1 
My little girlie has just started nursery, she's only 2, and it brings me and her to tears every single time I have to drop her off. She screams my name and I feel awful. I've literally been counting down the hours until I can rush back and pick her up again. Of course, 5 minutes after I've left the nursery, she's perfectly happy playing,  chatting away to the other children and staff, they send me photos and everything.  But I do feel so guilty leaving her there upset.  
Mummy Guilt #2 
Alongside #1,  I think the reason why she gets so upset is that I have never left her alone before. Of course I've left her with her daddy, but not really for that long ever, and she's never been without either of us. I sort of feel that maybe I have mollycoddled her a bit too much, but I didn't want to leave her, so why should I? I love my little girlie. Yeah so the question on this one is - Does it make me a bad mother that I've never been without her? The staff members at the nursery did seem a bit shocked to begin with when I told them. Is this not a normal thing to do? 
Mummy Guilt #3 
The sleep deprived monster. Both the little ones have had bad coughs recently. The fun kind of coughs where they wake up every ten minutes because their coughing has woken them up. I just get them back to sleep and then they cough again! Sometimes there's even the bonus of vomiting, then cleaning that up, and getting them back to sleep again. Tmi? So yeah this mummy is not good on very little sleep. I cannot focus, I get so grumpy, and I get moody with the little ones.  It's not their fault they have these stupid coughs poor babies. Bad Mummy. 
Mummy Guilt #4 
I feel like I don't show my little ones how much I adore them as often as I could. 
As I'm writing #4, I'm kind of thinking, why do I worry about this? I absolutely adore my babies more than anything in this world. I tell them a million times a day, I cuddle and kiss them and play with them at every opportunity. I make sure the first thing I do every morning, and the last thing I do before I go to sleep at night is  
give them a big squeeze and a kiss. 

So to finalize, mummy guilt is STUPID and totally pointless. There's no point in feeling guilty about the most frivolous things. 

Show your little ones how much you love them,  and care for them. Show them they mean to world to you,  every single day. ♥ 


Anonymous said...

I think we all suffer with Mummy guilt- I sure do x

Fran Back With A Bump said...

Totally agree. I have days where I feel like all I do is snap at the big one and her silly questions but the get mum guilt. I apologised to her the other day for being a grumpy mum and her reply "it's not your fault mummy" atributing it to her night owl sister. Bless her cue more guilt #twinklytuesday

Unknown said...

Oh I can relate to all of these! -And more! For me, the mummy guilt is present everyday in one form or another. I guess we just have to make peace with ourselves somehow - if we are feeling mum guilt, surely that means we are mindful of our parenting and that means we are doing/trying our best..? xx #FriYAY

Sarah said...

That's such a good way to see it! Thank you. x

Sarah said...

I have those days too :( Then they're lovely after, and you just feel awful.
Its hard being a mum! x

Sarah said...

It is hard, but its good to know we're not alone :)