The Ultimate Happy Shopping List

Everyone has bad days now & then.
Sometimes we need a little cheering up, buying yourself a little treat.
I very rarely buy anything for myself, I don't mind, 
and it's make it all the more special when I treat myself. 
Buy myself a little gift. 

To Me,
Love From Me.

So I'm sharing with you a few ideas, some expensive, some super cheap,
little things you can purchase when you're feeling a little down in the dumps. 

* * A 90's Box-set * *
I know you can watch almost anything online, or on Netflix now, 
but there's nothing quite like actually owning a dvd, especially a boxset.
A series that you can treasure, and watch whenever you feel like it.
The 90's sure did have some amazing, classic tv shows!
Some of my favourites include;
Sex & The City,
Freaks & Geeks
Buffy The Vampire Slayer 

What are some of your favourites?

* * Music * *
Pop over to iTunes, Spotify, 
or perhaps even..PURCHASE A REAL CD.
Seriously, people do still do that. It's a good feeling.
At the moment I'm loving Dark Dark Dark

* * Bath-time Goodies * *
Run yourself a hot, bubbly bath and try out some new bath products.
A new bath bomb perhaps, that expensive shampoo you've wanted for a while, 
or even a face mask. The options are endless.
I often go for a little Soap & Glory.

* * A Notebook * * 
No matter how many notebooks you own, there's always room for another.
Another use, another style.
Besides, you can get such pretty notebooks! 

* * A Feel -Good Movie * *
Everyone loves a feel good movie. 
One of those types of films that make you happysad.
Crying because you are happy. 
The sort of movie that makes you appreciate the 
beautifulness (that's not a word is it) of life.
I recommend;
Notting Hill
Date Night
The Breakfast Club
Yes Man
& Little Miss Sunshine.

and last but absolutely not least;
* * Chocolate * *
Best. Invention. Ever.
Buy your favourite bar, and eat every last bit.
No sharing allowed.

What would be on your Happy Shopping List?

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