My Scar Story

I have thousands of scars all over my body, and now I have the added bonus of stretchmarks! I also have quite a funny scar on my hip, from when I flew off a child's roundabout at a playground, when I was about 16! But today I am going to be talking about the large amount of small scars all over my legs.

I have suffered from pretty bad eczema for my whole life. I’ve always had small scars on my legs, and I’ve tried all kinds of tablets, creams, soaps and nothing gets rid of it. I am a really bad itcher. Yup, I itch like crazy. Generally it’s just when I’m stressed, so most of the time, when I’m calm, I don’t tend to itch. The trouble is though, where ever I have scratched turns into a scar. So every teeny tiny bit of eczema turns into a scar. I itch when I’m stressed, and I get stressed because I itch. It’s a vicious circle.

Ready to see?

I’ve tried to get rid of them. Not anything drastic like surgery but I’ve tried all the different types of scar healing creams you can buy.  I’ve tried homemade remedies, I’ve tried herbal remedies. Nope, nothing. Still there. I don’t know if I could live with them forever if they don’t even start to disappear. Truthfully they do make me unhappy.
I can’t wear skirts, I can’t wear shorts unless I wear thick tights or leggings.
I boil in the summer because I’m too hot under so many layers, but I don’t want anyone to see. I don’t want people to be freaked out, or worse, feel sorry for me.
I wish I didn’t have them, I wish there was some miracle cure, but there’s not. I’m not having surgery, so I’ll just have to cope I guess.
Luckily, my OH doesn’t mention them, so I feel a bit more comfortable and he’s gradually helping me build up my confidence again.
Hopefully one day, they’ll fade enough for me to be able to get my legs out.
Until then, thankfully I’ve got a massive amount of tights & fake tan.

Do you have any scars?


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Lisa said...

I'm glad that your boyfriend is helping with your self-confidence, although you have nothing to hide, I hope you get confident enough to get your legs out soon, covering up in summer must be a nightmare.

I only have one big scar from having my appendix out, otherwise just a few tiny ones from things like my BCG jab and stuff. I was never really the sort of child that got injured or anything though.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I also have eczema! Mine usually breaks out around my hairline which is pretty embarrassing. I can't use hairsprays or gels to style my hair or it'll get pretty bad. Fortunately I don't have any scars because of scratching. I do however have some scars on my upper back from acne as a teenager. I never where backless or spaghetti strap tops because of them.

Unknown said...

I love your story and attitude, Thanks for sharing. I have worked with so many people suffering from chronic eczema and they too tried everything. I introduced them to a new product line that I was shown, used, worked and now I am a distributor for them (I am in the medical industry) Check it out at If you are interested in buying any of the product I encourage you to sign up as a Preferred Customer (10% off and free shipping and auto ship every 60days) The product is guaranteed 60day empty bottle so no risk only gain! If you have questions you can contact me or see before/after pics via my social media Twitter (kimsokol2) Instagram (kimsokol1) or Facebook (kim heagle sokol)
Best to You!!!!