Stop Worrying!

I am a massive worrier. (Unless you've met my mother, she's worse!). I worry about every tiny little thing possible and it drives me and other people totally crazy! We all need to chill out. When you start worrying, it can seem impossible to stop! One thing leads to another and you just end up with a head full of insane completely irrelevant worries! It's so stupid!

"Worrying does not empty tomorrow of it's troubles. It empties today of it's strength" -
Corrie Ten Boom.
* 39 % of things you worry about will NEVER happen.
* 32% of things you worry about have ALREADY happened
* 9% of worries actually relate to important issues.
Only 9% of the things we constantly worry about are actually relevant!
So you could spend all day freaking out & panicking about something that may or may not happen. Not being able to sleep because you just can't stop thinking about it, and there's 39% chance that it won't even happen at all. Even worse, you could be worrying about something that has already happened. It's happened. It's done. Nothing you can do now will change that. 

Stop worrying about things that will never happen.
How do you know whats going to happen? Can you see into the future? No? Then stop assuming you know whats going to happen!
Focus on the present.
Just concentrate on the now, rather than the future!
Don't worry about what you can't change.
You also need to stop hanging on to the past! Once it happens, it happens. If you can't change it, you'd better learn to accept it.Once you accept it, you can make the most of it! 
Don't make mountains out of molehills.
It's generally the little things that get to you. They build up and build up until you cant take anymore. Just think..Will it really matter next year? Will it really matter tomorrow?
Put things into perspective and stop making minor annoyances major problems! Life's too short!
"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift, that's why they call it the present!" - Eleanor Roosevelt 

Take things one day at a time.
Don't look too far ahead and just live for today!

Let positive thoughts replace negative ones.
When you notice yourself worrying unnecessarily, try to think about something positive. It might not seem easy, but if you keep at it you will start to see progress.It will help you to become a much stronger person.

I hope all this helps you to be more chilled out and happy :)

Do you feel you worry too much?


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Great advice! I love the percentages, made all the worrying I do seem just a tad bit ridiculous! Maybe remembering the percentages will help discourage me from letting the worries take over my life!!


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