Decluttering Made Easy - 30 Items You Don't Need In Your House!

It's nearly Spring, and that means it's time for some Spring CleaningClutter is always a major issue in my house, I bet it is in yours! We let it build up for a year or so, and it just takes over! Here is a list of items that no-one needs to keep in their house! Whether it's a good quality item, and you can sell or donate it, or perhaps recycle or even upcycle!

Old Dishcloths & Sponges - One week tops, then throw them out! They harbour germs, and just get plain disgusting!

Clothes That You Haven't Worn For Years- If you haven't worn them, you won't wear them. If they're in good condition, donate to charity!

Clothes Have Been Meaning To Fix- Once again if you haven't fixed them, you won't. Chuck em!

Old Shoes - If they're in good condition, donate. If they're not, throw them out!

Expired Make Up - If it's expired, chuck it out!

Chipped Glasses/Mugs/Plates

Toothbrushes - Full of germs! Replace regularly!

Holey Socks

'Spare' Bedding - Ugly bedding you use for emergency, or guests. Don't bother. If good condition, donate. If not, chuck it!

Out of Date Food

Bits & Bobs That Will Possibly Be Useful For A Future DIY

Old Batteries

Your Entire Junk Drawer

Your Old School/College Work - Look through it, if it's not amazing or heartwarming, chuck it!

Odd Socks- Seriously, they're all alone in the world.

Greetings Cards - Unless they have deep sentimental value, chuck!

Old Calendars

Terrible Movies -You won't watch them ever again. So get rid! If they work and are in good condition, donate! If not, throw them out!

Ugly Underwear - Maybe keep ONE for emergency fat days. Otherwise, no one deserves ugly underwear.

Half-Finished DIY Projects

Receipts You Will Never Need

Kitchen Items You Don't Use (Or Have Multiple Of)

Scratchy Towels

Sample Toiletries

Dried Up Nail Varnish

Cables You Don't Use

Junk Mail

Books You Have Read, & Won't Read Again - Donate!

Old Phonebooks

Random Items That May Come In Handy

Whether you spend a week seriously decluttering, or just sort out one item a day, it'll be worth it! Trust me! Do you need to declutter? What's the worst thing you like to 'collect'?


Motherhood: The Real Deal said...

Argh I need this list - I am a serial tupperware collector think I better attack that cupboard today! #twinklytuesday

Unknown said...

My wife is terrible and hoarding useless stuff but wont let me chuck stuff. I have to be sneaky. No matter how long somethings been lying around she always needs it about 24 hours after I hide it in the trash.


LittleOandme said...

I love a good De-clutter so really enjoyed this post! Off to find a bin bag :)

Unknown said...

This is my plan for some of tomorrow! Good to have a reminder list. Thanks!

Katy (What Katy Said) said...

fab list. I have a whole trunk full of spare bedding, I probably have enough to last 6 months without having to wash any of the dirty bedding. Really should just give it away. I'm terrible for books too, have a whole drawer under my bed but cannot get rid. :-/

Sadia said...

Some of these, I'm great at getting rid of. Others, I'm finding the urge to argue with you about!!

As soon as a sock gets a hole, it goes in the trash. My daughters having been yelling, "Dead sock!" and dunking them in the bin since they were 2!

Sponges, though? I wash them in the dishwasher to disinfect them and microwave them between every use to kill germs. And mismatched socks are ALL the rage these days with the under-18 set.

Thanks for the inspiration and for linking up at #twinklytuesday.

Unknown said...

Oh we have lots of this stuff in our house. I might need to attack it all with a bin bag! Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x