Make Your Kitchen The Heart Of The Home

* This is a collaborative post

The kitchen is a room of practicalities. You cook, clean, and organize the family cupboards there. It needs to be easy to clean and well-lit. But that doesn’t mean it should be clinical, cold, and unfeeling. It is still where most families will gather to share a meal and talk about their days, so it needs to really feel like the beating heart of the home. Here are a few d├ęcor tips to help you get there.

Invite the outdoors in
You may already have an excellent view of your lovely summer-ready garden, but you can make the kitchen feel even more alive and fresh by letting a little of the garden inside. You can place some houseplants on the interior window sill or, if you’re feeling like spicing up your cooking, even make your own homegrown herb collection. It adds a little bit more colour to the room and a little plant-like has been proven to make spaces feel more relaxing, fighting stress and improving your mood which can make meal preparation a little less of a hassle.
Go natural
If you want the space to really feel as natural as possible, then think about using materials right from mother nature, herself. Besides have a distinct, warm appeal to it, natural granite is super easy to clean and incredibly durable, meaning you won’t have to spend quite as much time cleaning up after your meals or worrying about stains. Pair a natural granite worktop with a wooden or marble backsplash to have the contrast of natural materials really working in your favour.
Light it up
As mentioned, the kitchen has to be well-lit. But it should also be warmly lit. High colour temperature lights might work in the ceiling as far as illuminating everything as best as possible. However, with recessed lighting, try to opt for lower colour temperatures. They will provide enough visibility for the workstations for you to be able to easily carry out meal prep, but they have a more yellow or amber glow compared to the pale, cold light of the main lights. This ensures that the kitchen never has that clinical glow that can have it feeling anything other than warm and inviting.
Add some personal touches
Though it is a room of practicalities, that doesn’t mean that your kitchen doesn’t have some room for a little sentimentality. You want to keep surfaces as clear of clutter as possible of course, so turn to the walls or the surfaces of cupboards instead. Find a place to mount a photo gallery of loved ones or make your own personalised sign, whether it’s sharing a warm message of welcome or simply establishing it as the family kitchen with your name on it. The kitchen needs a little bit of the heart behind its design, not just the brain.
A warm, inviting family kitchen is going to be the setting of many family meal, party, and other fond memories. Make sure that you’re giving it the care and affection it deserves.

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