Far Flung Travel Destinations To Die For

* This is a collaborative post

To some of you, going on a far flung holiday is a no brainer. It’s something you’re ready to do, you’ve always wanted to do, and you know exactly where you want to go. For others, a far flung holiday is very intimidating, and the whole experience of trying to plan it can be rather off putting. But, if you limit yourself to just Europe, there’s so much you’re missing out on. Don’t get us wrong, there are some truly amazing holiday destinations in Europe, but going to a far flung holiday is just a different kettle of fish. The experiences you have will be so much different! So, we want to show you some of the far flung destinations you could travel to, and why you should!

Patagonia is a region found in South America, and if you’re looking for a sort of backpacking adventure, then this destination really won’t disappoint. It has some of the most beautiful scenery that you could find in South America, which is why it’s no surprise that backpackers have been visiting it for years. But, for as beautiful as this country is, we really don’t feel that Patagonia Argentina doesn’t get the publicity that it deserves. There is just so much to do there, and we think things like the whale watching in Puerto Madryn, or the penguins in Punta Tombo would be so cool for you to see. You’ll be seeing them in natural habitats! You can also have a full day tour to the Perito Moreno Glacier, which really is a wonder to be in front of!

Dubai is one of the biggest up and coming countries that you could visit. One thing we will admit is that it is really expensive for the whole holiday. It’s not necessarily the holiday that’s expensive, but the spending money and everything else involved it. But, we will tell you one thing, Dubai really will blow your mind. The tall luxurious structures, the beautiful hotels, the long hot summers days. Those are just three reasons to visit. If you want specifics, you should definitely visit the Burj Khalifa. You can travel to the top and have a tasty glass of champagne with a view. Or, heading to the palm island really is a sight to behold. Everything is just so grand, and we know you’ll love it!

Jamaica is one of those countries you always see in travel magazines, but you never try and travel to. It’s one of the most relaxing and beautiful countries that you could visit. Despite popular belief, it is a safe country to visit, as as long as you stick to the right places, you can walk around and explore all day long. Montenegro Bay is one of the most popular parts of the country, with reggae beach bars, catamaran boat tours, and jeep safaris that will allow you to explore the island. Take your spending money, because again, this is an expensive one. But, you will find that the hotels are just so luxurious you’ll barely want to leave!

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