Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Cloakroom In Time For Christmas

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Despite being an annual celebration, Christmas always seems to creep up on us relatively unnoticed. OK, OK… the songs on the radio, decorations and the inevitable John Lewis TV ad may be a bit of a giveaway, however why is it we often feel under-prepared, especially when friends and relatives come a-knocking at our door?
Aside from your typical downstairs spaces, like your living room and kitchen, the only other room in your home where guests tend to spend time is the cloakroom. All that tea, coffee and mulled wine has to go somewhere! So, to help you feel more prepared, why not check out these easy ways to transform your downstairs cloakroom into a place that will wow your festive guests.
Is your suite as sweet as it can be?
Take a long hard look at your toilet and basin. These are the foundations upon which any good cloakroom is built. If your suite is looking tired and dated, maybe it’s time for a refresh? It could be a simple matter of fixing or replacing an ill-fitting toilet seat or perhaps you could choose a new bathroom suite entirely. Complete cloakroom suites can be purchased for less than £100. Choose a traditional design or opt for something cool and contemporary. The choice really is yours.
De-clutter and de-stress
Has your cloakroom ended up more like a storage cupboard than a toilet? Get rid of the clutter and simplify things. This may mean adding a cabinet or vanity unit to your space. Thankfully, you’ll find many of slimline storage units which are designed to fit compact bathrooms.
Restore that shine
Chrome fittings like taps and plugs can become dull over time, especially if you live in a hard water area where limescale is an issue. One of the best ways to bring back the sparkle is to use a mixture of water and vinegar. Simply spray onto your chrome fittings, leave for 10 minutes and then wipe away. You should be left with a gleaming tap that you can see your face in.
Check you out!
During the Christmas party season, it always pays to have a mirror handy, just so you can touch up that makeup and make sure your hair is just how you want it. If you don’t have a mirror in your cloakroom, now is the time to add one. An LED mirror is ideal for this purpose, providing much-needed task lighting. Look for a battery-operated design so you won’t need to call on an electrician for installation.
Warm and welcoming
All these little touches could mean nothing if your cloakroom feels like an ice box. Make sure your space is warm and inviting by checking and bleeding any radiators or heated towel rails. If you don’t have heating in your cloakroom, why not invest in a radiator? There are plenty of vertical models which are perfect for small spaces. When combined with a heating element, it doesn’t even need to be plumbed into your central heating, giving you complete control.
A treat for your feet
If your flooring has seen better days, there are some great cost-effective products which will help refresh the way it looks and feels. For example, vinyl flooring is quick and easy to fit, simple to clean and incredibly hardwearing. You might decide to add a rug or bath mat, to keep bare feet warm.
Add some festive accessories
Finally, it’s time to festive up your cloakroom with accessories—well, it is Christmas after all! Add a seasonal scent like cinnamon and oranges using a diffuser or a homemade scented candle, hang a garland or place some holly round your mirror.
It may be small but your cloakroom can make a big impression on your festive guests this Christmas.

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