Fun Garden Activities You Can Do With Your Children This Autumn

*This is a collaborative post

Its official, summer is now over. The days are shorter, and the nights are long but that doesn’t mean you and your little one can’t make the most of your garden this Autumn. If a little cold weather doesn’t faze you and your kids, then there are more than enough activities to make the time fly till sunny spring comes along. Which is why I have teamed up with Olive Grove to round up some of our favourite autumn garden activities.

Get creative with leaves
Collect the last of the autumn’s leaves – full of colour and different textures you can transform your fallen leaves into anything your little one’s heart desires. Try to make a leaf crown or create a family portrait out of the leaves you find in your garden or on a lovely autumn walk.  
If you have plenty of leaves to spare, why not get down and dirty with your children? Gather your leaves in a big pile and let your kids play around with it before making your very own compost. You can also sprinkle them across your garden bed, keeping your plant's roots nice and toasty throughout the harsh winter.

Make a play den
Winter usually brings in the frost and ice which can ultimately make your garden unsafe for your little ones to play. In order to keep your children entertained this winter, you can always create a separate part of your garden designed for winter/autumn only. Artificial grass is ideal for both outdoor and indoor spaces and can be used as a basis for your little ones play area.  If you're particular crafty you can either add a shelter and watch as your little ones play in the protection of the icy snow and rain.

Paint plant pots
Start collecting unwanted pots and containers for your garden throughout summer and autumn months in order to compile enough to create your own pot garden. You and your little ones can spend an afternoon personalising your very own plant pots with everything from paint to pebbles and stones!

Make a bird feeder
Winter can be a tough time of year for local animals especially birds. Which is why it’s a great time to build them birdhouses from unwanted materials such as; milk cartons, cereal boxes and even fallen branches.  You’ll be surprised how much stuff around the house you can corporate and how many hours of fun your little ones will get by crafting their very own bird feeder.
Keeping the bird feeder full throughout the colder months will be a great way for your little one to come face to face with nature. The fun doesn’t stop there, begin a bird watching diary and encourage your children to keep track of all the birds they see.

Get planning for spring
Autumn is a great time to start planting bulbs and there’s nothing more magical than watching dry bulbs blossom into a beautiful flower. Little kids love getting dirty so spend an afternoon outside and let them get to know the heart of nature. Planting bulbs in secret places make even more fun when spring comes around!

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