Tips To Help You Save And Not Overspend At Christmas

If you think this year has flown by, imagine how quickly these last months will! The thought of the expense at Christmas has probably began to worry you (it has me!) But there is still time to get organised and prepared for the season!

Tips To Help You Save And Not Overspend At Christmas

Write Lists
Jot down gifts you have spotted online, in catalogs or on TV. Pop it in your bag and take it with you wherever you go. After you've jotted down gift ideas, you'll need a more strict list of what exactly you are going to buy, and how much you will spend. Tick each thing off when you buy it. You'll know exactly what you have bought, or what you are going to buy each person. Internet shopping can also help you avoid silly purchases, you can just search for a specific item. 

Save On Your Christmas Food Shopping.
Fancy cakes, overpriced Christmas puddings and mince pies and even Christmas themed snacks (for double the price of the none Christmas variety) are a complete waste of money. Homemade mince pies & deliciously homemade biscuits will win every time. They are so much more yummy, and you everyone will love them even more knowing that you made them. Or look out for special offers on chocolates, wine etc and add a few items to your weekly shop, instead of doing a ridiculously expensive dash to get all your Xmas food at once! Or even switch your Christmas food shop to a budget supermarket like Lidl or Aldi! They have a huge range to offer (and often more unique items than you'd find anywhere else) for a fraction of the cost.

Use Your Loyalty Cards
People tend for forget about loyalty cards, but they really can save you a lot! During the run up to Christmas, shops often also have special 'double points' events too! Collect all your loyalty cards up and use the points to buy presents! Tesco, Sainsburys & Boots are my favourite.

Shop Online
Now you have written a list, shopping online for your presents should be a piece of cake! Take advantage of online voucher codes and cashback sites. Don't forget to price check and compare before you buy anything too!

Only Buy What You Need
Don't go buying any 'extra' or just in case gifts. Choose a gift for your recipients, and stick to it. You chose it for a reason! Don't go overboard buying extra things you don't need to. Some of the so called deals aren't always that good value either, for example 3 for 2, they don't always end up being cheaper and you've got an extra item for no reason! 

Use Vouchers
Now is the time when newspapers, magazines and leaflets are full of vouchers. And always, always pick up in-store supermarket free magazines for guaranteed vouchers!

Tips To Help You Save And Not Overspend At Christmas

Get Creative
From wrapping paper, to cards to gifts! There is so much you could do if you put your mind to it. You could try out some tasty recipes, make your own Christmas cards, or even put together a hamper for loved ones. I've got a few ideas here, but don't forget to check Pinterest for inspiration too!

Buy Nearly New
Buying second hand is always OK with me, as long as the condition of the product is good. It's so much cheaper, if you buy from a charity shop you are helping a good cause too, and the recipient will never know the difference! Try Gumtree or Ebay if shopping online, or even your local Facebook buy/sell groups.

Start Buying Early
Like, now. But please don't be one of those crazy people who fills up their house with random gifts and decides later on who to give it to! Refer back to your list and add a small gift or two to each shopping trip. You could even stock up on your usual Christmas food now, such as sausage rolls, cakes etc - before the Christmas packaging arrives and the prices soar!

Don't Go Over The Top!
I know people who spend absolute £££££ on their children over Christmas, and it is easy to do. You buy more and more and feel guilty when you've overspent, and have got too many gifts! Just remind yourself that children don't need that super duper high tech brand new gadget. It won't make you a bad parent if you don't buy it. Set a limit of how much you are going to spend for each person you have to buy for, and do not go over it! 

Do you have any extra tips? Please share! :)

Thank you to these fabulous bloggers for sharing their tips! Wafflemama, Mummy In A Tutu, Anklebiters Adventures, Katykicker, Lylia Rose, Not A Perfect Parent, Miss Manypennies & Care Johnson
Tips To Help You Save And Not Overspend At Christmas

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