Making Valentines A Little More Child Friendly

* This is a collaborative post

Valentine's day is a day all about love, and being happy, with the people closest to you in your life. And let’s face it, your kids are very much included in that! Not to mention, every kid out there likes to send their parents a card on February 14th, to make sure you know just how much they love you too.

And because of that, why not use this day to have some great family time this year? After all, if your kids are very much an integral part of you and your partner’s life, there’s no chance in trying to catch some free time when the kids come back from school! Here’s a few ideas that might help you out.

Lay Out Some Sweet Treats

Kids like to eat, just as much as grown ups do, so why not lay out a bit of a feast this Valentines? After all, the more chocolate based products and heart shaped candies laid out on the dinner table, the better the celebration is going to be! It’s one day out of the year in which you’re expected to eat as much chocolate as possible, so make sure you go all out here.

Get yourself some recipes together, and go out for a shop. After all, there’s plenty of time available in the morning to melt down some chocolate, drizzle it all over some biscuits, and then stick the creations in the fridge for half an hour to get everything to harden.

Make Some Cards Together

As we mentioned above, kids love to make cards, and there’s always a bit of glitter left in the crafting tin for your little ones to throw around and get everywhere. So get some coloured card, get the scissors out of the kitchen drawer, and then sit your kids down when they come home and let them go wild with that after school energy - it’s almost their holiday anyway, there will be plenty of help on hand to clean the mess up!

You can even get some templates off the web, which you can find at crafy websites like The Spruce Crafts!

Throw a Party!

Throwing a party for just you and your children is a lot easier to do than you think - a few balloons here and there, a bit of music in the background for you all to croon along to, and then your daughter can take a spin on her dad’s shoes as he tries to teach her to dance!

And hey, if you want to reserve Valentines day for you and your partner alone, make sure you use the weekend, or the one after it, to spoil your kids in the same way too. Sites like will allow you to even book yourself a magician that’s going to wow their socks off!

With the kids involved, Valentine's day is going to be great this year, don't’ you worry about it!

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