Promoting Good Tech-Usage Morals With Your Children

*This is a collaborative post

Most of us adults find kids these days are better at dismantling and fiddling with technological devices than us adults. With guidance from parents being important for their creational-vocational development. Values like being friendly, showing respect, love and honesty are not something that apps or even a search engine could possibly teach. With hundreds of apps that are available and freely available more an more parents are leaning towards having a more centralized entertainment device of the media centre for the whole home to enjoy. Here you will find a few ideas on tech for the home more centralized but also makes the place of living a little more entertaining for the little ones.

Practice Good Social Media Etiquette
First off, lead, follow or move out of the way! Being a parent, you are a role model and protector of your child. However, Social Networking has changed so much. Today it's not uncommon for parents to be friends with their children on Facebook. This is okay of course; there is an option to label the connections as such but parents should be aware of their own actions and data footprint in the world of social media, especially if they want to promote positive online usage to their children.

Break Out Of The Habit Of ‘Obsessive Smartphone Usage’
We may not always think it or even notice it all the time but everything we do is magnified considerably in the eyes of our ever-more aware children. There have been many surveys and tests taken with regards to parents using phones in cars whilst driving. If we commit to undertaking these practices in front of them, then they might perceive that it is a normal and right thing to do. To prevent them from mirroring these bad habits by imposing clear rules for yourself regarding how much screen time you must spend when you are at home. Maybe you can follow the smartphone curfew when watching a family movie.

Respect Their Online Accounts
All parents want to be involved in everything that their children do whether it is online or offline because there is a duty of care for their welfare and safety. However, depending on the ages and house rules, try to do it in a passive and unobtrusive manner so they won’t be ashamed that your spying on their profile and decide to block you from their list. This means that you shouldn’t post content or tag pictures of them regardless of the cuteness overload potential, without their approval or consent.

Create Engaging Family Activities
Although digital tools like smartphones and the many apps available are believed to tear down the bonds between any relationship, including parent and child. Though this can be conquered because it only takes a smart user to gain benefits from using them. There are so many avenues online where one can conduct several tech-savvy yet fun excursions or home entertainment like from Now TV pass offers to Alexa home. With a home PC station, you can try collectively watching funny videos, create family blogs, make digital art, play their favourite video games or watch their favourite cartoon television series. Doing these activities together helps you learn more about their enjoyments and even their attitudes towards trends and current technology.

With technology having a huge impact on the development of children, what ways do you find helps promote good morals and practises when using applications, programs and generally the world wide web? Let me know in the comments below!

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