Summer Holidays will soon be here! If, like us, you're not planning on going away this year you might be dreading coming up with ways to keep your little ones busy. Awaiting the dreaded "I'm booooorrred!", why not plan a few activities ahead of time so your monkeys will always have something fun to look forward to! I've got a variety of fun, indoor and outdoor activity ideas to share with you today - plus a free checklist so you can refer back to it when you are in desperate need of something to do! {This post contains affiliate links}

Let's start off with some fun outdoor activities, for when your little ones have been stuck inside for too long and need some Vitamin D! One of our personal favourite activities we've done before is this fun Bug Hotel! A great way of reusing items, getting close to nature and appreciating all the little buggies in your garden.

I've always loved the idea of making your own kites, and my little ones have never even flown a kite! This Paper Bird Kite is such a fantastic idea, and doesn't look too difficult for little ones to make either - I know mine would love flying this sweet little kite!

If you have enough outside space, what about setting up an exciting Assault Course in your garden! You can use any play equipment you already have, or use other household objects to make different obstacles too - you could even use a stopwatch to see who can complete the course the quickest!

How about getting creative with natural items you can find in your garden, by making and painting with Homemade Nature Brushes! Water painting outside is definitely one of our go-to, easy summer activities but this takes it to a whole new level. Your little ones will have an amazing time searching the garden for items to make their own paintbrushes with!

When I was a child, I remember going Fruit Picking with my grandparents, and I loved it! I've been desperate to go and take my little ones ever since (I seem to keep missing the best times to go!) but it'd make such a fun activity for children! It might encourage them to eat more healthier things, if they've picked them themselves - plus it's so important for children to know where their food comes from. 

A great idea for fun water play outside is to make a Foil River! Your little can take their toys outside and splash in the homemade river, it can be a fun pool for barbies or you could even make paper boats to float along. Such a simple but versatile activity!

Water Pistol Painting looks like the messiest, most fun activity ever! Water fights in our garden usually end up with someone whinging, so this is a great way to use those water pistols and make something creative! Love it, we will definitely have to try this, this year.

Something my little ones really enjoy (probably not forever though!) is going on a nature walk! If we cannot really be bothered setting up any activities, or are really just desperate to get outside - a walk is a great way to pass the time. I absolutely love this idea of a Photo Walk , give your little ones an old camera and grab yours too - and head out somewhere beautiful and take all the photos together. 

If you've been to the beach recently, and perhaps your little ones collected a few pretty shells for their collection - why not let your monkeys turn those beautiful shells into some absolutely adorable Seashell Puppets! They look so cute, and I know my little ones would love this activity. Whenever we head to the beach, we always end up coming home with a pocketful of natural items and never know what to do with them once we get home!

Another fun nature activity we have enjoyed in the past, (my little ones really enjoyed this actually, and I'm excited to do it again soon!) was making these sweet Pine Cone Bird Feeders! Inspired by a Forest School group we had attended, it's a great, messy activity for little ones and a fantastic way to encourage more wildlife into your garden. 

Flower Pressing was something I loved doing as a child, such a simple but beautiful activity - and the gorgeous flowers can be used to make some lovely crafts once they've been pressed!

Speaking of flowers, these Flower Dresses are so freaking cute! My little ones love going on nature walks and collecting lots of leaves and flowers, so this activity would be perfect for them! Decorating paper people and making their clothes out of beautiful flowers. Such a sweet idea!

Or, if it's a really hot day, how about trying Painting With Ice! A great way to keep cool, make some fun pictures and try a new painting technique too! Love it!

If it's too hot to be outside (or if it's raining, do you remember that? Rain?!) you could try some indoor activities instead!

These Printable Pirate Puppets are so cute, and easy to make too! Plus, your little ones will have a great time decorating and playing with them. You could even design and make your own puppets together, and put on a puppet show!

There are loads of fun activities you could try here, including sensory play and making a fort! She even has the fab idea of putting together a jar of ideas, so your little ones can pick something to do whenever they say they're bored!

If you don't have the energy to set up any activities, how about Hosting A Party! You don't have to invite anyone else (unless you want to of course!) but you can just pop some fun music on, use a *disco light and maybe even have a contest to see who has the most creative moves!

What about trying this gorgeous craft, making your own Suncatchers! They look so cute, don't need too many supplies and you can enjoy for the rest of the Summer. They're so pretty! 

When I was younger, and used to go on holiday with my family, I loved those little shaped bottles that you could fill up with coloured sand! I remember my cousins and I used to buy them a lot. This Sugar Craft idea is a fantastic alternative to that coloured sand and would make amazing sensory play and a fab way to teach your little ones about colour!

Or lastly, how about making some delicious treats together! These Fruity Yogurt Ice Lollies look absolutely scrumptious! Perfect for the hot weather, a great way to use up leftover fruit and can be made using a variety of fruit! Yum! 

Chocolate is something we can eat any time of year! Whether it's snowing or the sun is shining - chocolate is always just as delicious! These Chocolate Strawberry treats look so good, I know I'd end up eating them all myself if I wasn't careful though! (or my little girlie would if I wasn't watching!) So simple to make, but a really delicious, slightly naughty treat for the holidays. 

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20 Summer Activities To Keep Your Little Ones Entertained

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20 Summer Activities To Keep Your Little Ones Entertained

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