Rainy Day Kids Activities That Will Keep You Sane This Summer

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Summer holidays are all about getting outside with the kids in the garden or taking them on holiday. Of course, that all goes out of the window if it rains, as then, you are all hold up indoors and getting under each other's feet. Happily, even if the skies do open this summer, you don't have to worry because below you can find some of the best kid-friendly rainy day activities there are. 

Sculpting challenge 
One easy to organise rainy day activity that you can do with the kids is to set them a modelling challenge. What this entails is providing them with a sculpting medium like playdough, air-drying clay, or polymer clay and some modelling tools if you have them, and then giving them a specific topic or project to work on. Leaves or nature can be a great theme to start with, as can animals. In fact, kids often love to make a model of their own pets. 

Of course, you can use playdough for the younger kids and the more advanced mediums for older ones. The latter also providing the opportunity for the children to paint and decorate them once they have dried out as well. You can even make things more challenging by setting a time in which they must complete their sculpture by and offering a small piece for the best one!   

Film and a fort
Another great rainy day activity for kids is to build a pillow fort and then allow them to snuggle up in there together and watch some of their favourite films on a laptop. Fort building isn't too difficult either as you can follow your own design or get some inspiration from videos like the one below.

Of course, you'll need to make sure that the computer they use is stocked full of their most loved movies. Luckily, you can do this by finding out how to download Netflix shows on Mac ahead of time, and ensuring there is at least a few for them to choose from. Then all you'll need to do is provide a few snacks like popcorn, and this activity should keep them amused for hours!

Friendship bracelets 
Another simple, but engaging activity that you can provide the kids with when its raining outside is making friendship bracelets. In fact, a craft like this can often be particularly motivating as they will make them from their friends and family as well as themselves. 

Happily, they are pretty easy to do, and all you need are some embroidery threads and safety pins to attach the end of the bracelet to something. Then it's just a matter of choosing the colours each child wants to work with and knotting them in the correct design, something you can get some guidance on in the video below.

You can even get the kids to make up a batch of these over the course of the summer and then save them to add to party bags or as part of a birthday gift for the rest of the year. Something that means your not just getting organised for the year ahead, but that your kids will be entertained on rainy days as well. 
Will you be trying any of these fun activities with your little ones?

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