Fun & Frugal Ways To Spend Time As A Family Where You Live

It can sometimes be a struggle trying to entertain your kids when they are home, or coming up with ways you can spend quality time together as a family - particularly if you are on a low budget. So I wanted to put together a few ways you can spend time together where you live, for free (or as cheap as possible!)
Fun & Frugal Ways To Spend Time As A Family Where You Live

Have A Picnic In The Park
A picnic in the park is such a simple, but lovely activity. It's a great way to meet up with friends or family, and eating lunch out is always fun! Plus, prepping your packed lunches with exciting snacks and chilling out in the sunshine together is always a great way to spend the afternoon. Or, if your kids are older you could even have an evening picnic and enjoy dinner alfresco!

Go Swimming
Although not free, going swimming as a family is generally a very cheap activity! Particularly if there is a local pool near you, you could walk there together and make a day of it! Why not try to visit on a day when they have a fun activity going on? You could even check if they have special offers on different days, for example, cheaper days for children or half price offers!

Visit The Library
The library is for so much more than just choosing books to read. There's often quiet toys to play with together, colouring or activity sheets available or reading corners to enjoy a book together. Our local library also holds various events such as Lego club or themed days, sometimes they even have a children's author visiting! It can be a great day out for the family!

Hit The Local Charity Shops
Why not head to your local charity shops and see what goodies you can find! My children really enjoy doing this, and always find a new toy or book they love! Shopping secondhand is a great way to help the environment, give to charity and discover wonderful products you wouldn't find on the high street anywhere else! I often give my little ones a budget of £1-3 and they can spend that on whatever they like! They love picking out what to spend their money and always go home happy!

Go On An Adventure
We love going on adventures. It's something we do on a weekly basis! An adventure can be anything you want it to be, going on a walk together and collecting pretty leaves, go on a bike ride as a family or even try exploring the area you live in, wander until you end up back home again. Anything is exciting when you call it an adventure!

Fun & Frugal Ways To Spend Time As A Family Where You Live

Head To Your Local Garden Centre
If you have a local garden centre, this can be a great place to visit as a family. Exploring the different plants and flowers, picking up a few seeds to plant together, stopping for a bite of lunch at the cafe! Garden centres sometimes even have play areas for kids, or host special family events too! It's all about finding out what's going on in your local area!

Go On A Bike Ride
I used to love going on bike rides when I was younger, especially when there was no particular destination in mind. If your children are older you can all cycle along together, or if you have younger children, you could think about getting a child seat bike attachment or even a trailer! It's a great way to get some fresh air and exercise too, while going on an adventure together!

Paddle In The River
Possibly the easiest idea on this list, particularly if you have a river that is easy to access near you. We are lucky and have a river with steps into it, a 2 minute walk from our house. Paddling in the river together can be so much fun, and it's a great way to cool down on a hot summer day. Whether you are just splashing in it, throwing pebbles or sticks downstream, trying to spot fish, building a dam or even using a jar to scoop up water and see if you can spot any creatures - there are so many fun things you can do in the river!

Look For Free Museums Or Places To Visit
Last but not least, make sure you find out if there are any free museums or educational places to visit where you live. I used to live in Glastonbury which was full of educational building, tourist sites and free museums it was amazing. I'm sure there are fun places to visit near you that don't cost a penny. Why not visit your library or town hall and find out where the go-to places are where you live!

Have you ever done any of these activities as a family? 
What do you like to do on a frugal day out?
Fun & Frugal Ways To Spend Time As A Family Where You Live

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