Easy Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Waste At Work

I'll talk about it constantly if I have to, our planet is in big trouble. Nothing is going to get better unless we all do our part and start taking little steps to reduce the amount of plastic waste we create. If everyone just took a few baby steps today, it would make a huge difference.

I wanted to put a few ideas out there of simple and affordable ways we can all reduce the amount of plastic we use, in every aspect of our lives. I started with a selection of tips of different things you could do at home, and today, with the help of some other bloggers, I'm sharing some tips of how to reduce plastic waste at work! #WeCanAllHelp

Easy Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Waste At Work

No matter where you work, whether it's in an office, a supermarket, a hospital or even at home - there are always little steps we can take to help reduce the amount of plastic we buy and use. Many of the tips I have shared below can be used in whatever work environment you are in, so I hope it helps!

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Take A Packed Lunch In A Reusable Lunch Box
It's so much easier, better for the environment, and most likely better for you to make your own packed lunch to take to work with you. Use a bamboo lunchbox or bento box with different compartments and you can take a variety of tasty things to eat for lunch! Instead of using plastic wrap or clingfilm, you could use beeswax wraps and take reusable cutlery too if you need it.
You could prepare it in advance and whip up something really creative, tasty and healthy if you just plan ahead a little bit!

Even if you work from home, having some tasty to be able to just grab when you need it is so much easier! It means you won't have to waste precious time cooking something for lunch, and it'll stop you grabbing something easy but unhealthy from the shop too!

Try Switching To Glass Milk Bottles Instead 
If your workplace provides milk in the staffroom for tea's and coffee's, why not suggest switching to using a milkman and having milk in glass bottles instead?

If you work from home, I bet you drink a lot more tea and coffee than you probably should right? Another reason to switch to glass bottles. You'll still have all the milk you need, and it'll be delivered right to you doorstep so no need to waste precious work time at the shop!

Easy Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Waste At Work

Avoid Buying 'Meal Deals' or Prepackaged Lunches
As I mentioned in the first point, buying prepackaged lunches at the supermarket can seem like a good, quick idea at the time, but they are probably not going to be that healthy for you, and they are definitely not going to be good for the environment! A prepacked sandwich or two, a cook in the microwave panini or even a bag of fruit. It just comes down to laziness and lack of organisation!
So don't be sucked in by those seemingly bargain 'meal deals' or grab and go lunches, just plan ahead a little bit and you can have something far more delicious waiting for you when lunchtime arrives!

Take A Reusable Bottle Or Cup
Similar to my point above, don't be pressured into buying a bottle of water, a fizzy drink or even a quick coffee from Costa. Grab yourself a reusable bottle and take your own drinks with you! If you really need that fizzy drink fix, you could perhaps purchase a Sodastream to make your own, or even ask if they will use your cup in the coffee shop!

Ensure Rubbish Is Organised & Recycled Correctly
Many businesses recycle paper or cardboard, but still in this day and age it's quite rare to have a specific place to recycle plastic! Make sure there is any appropriate bin to be able to separate different types of rubbish, or take it home to recycle if needs be. Having a specific place to organise rubbish will allow you, and everyone to see just what exactly is being thrown away, and therefore be able to address and hopefully reduce the amount. 

Thank you to these fantastic bloggers for sharing their ideas - The Growing Mum, Mighty Mama Bear, The Incidental Parent, Welsh Mum, The Family Ticket & The Less-Refined Mind

Do you try to ensure you don't create too much plastic waste in your workplace?

Easy Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Waste At Work

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