Summer To Do List {Part 2}

I can't believe the Summer holidays are pretty much over. Although some days feel like they've dragged, sometimes we may have gone a bit stir crazy and I totally lost my mind. We've had the dreaded "I'm boooooored!" a few times, but it all honesty, it's gone by pretty quickly!

As I mentioned when the holidays began, we put together a big list of fun activities we wanted to achieve over the 6 weeks, to ensure we didn't get too bored and everyone had a memorable time together!

I'm so happy to say, we managed to tick everything of the quite large list! We had previously ticked off; 
*Go To The Beach
* Go Swimming
* Paint Pebbles
* Go Geocaching
* Splash In The River

So we had quite a few things to catch up on. (Safe to say, we had a few super lazy weeks in the beginning!) But without further ado, here's what we've been up to!

Picnic In The Park
We've had a couple of picnics in the park together over the past few weeks. It's such an easy thing to do, but we all really enjoy it. Even if you have a simple picnic lunch, it's just exciting eating it outside somewhere, and them being able to run off and play when they are done!

Go On A Bug Hunt
My little ones are obsessed with bugs! It's good to be inquisitive and explore nature, but I do find it gross when I discover bowls or buckets full of slugs! Hahaha! As we do often have an array of bugs in our garden, we decided to just go on a bug hunt there. We found lots of slugs and snails, as well as lots and lots of bees and butterflies which is great! 

Make A Den
This was something I kept putting off as I just couldn't think of how we could do it! My two eldest were desperate to make a den and relax in it on a sunnier day, but I didn't know how! In the end I tied some blankets to the fence, and attached them to some bamboo canes buried in the ground. It didn't look amazing, but it worked and they enjoyed it, and that's all that matters isn't it! We read some books together in the den and then watched their tablets for a bit, lying down in the shade too.

Bake Something
As we were gradually heading towards the end of the Summer holidays, we were gradually running out of spending money too if I'm honest. But we were all keen to bake something together, so we decided to whip up a batch of our favourite go-to treat - flapjacks! They're so easy to make, you don't need too many ingredients and they are SO TASTY! 

Start A Sketchbook
My eldest girl is really loving colouring and drawing at the moment, so she was definitely in need of a new drawing pad! And my little boy has just started forming letters, and drawing people so giving him a new pad to get creative in was a good idea too. I used to love filled up my sketchbooks when I was a child, and even remember a few stories I wrote and illustrated too! My favourite one was about a pig called Marshmallow! Hahaha.

Go On A Nature Walk
Going on nature walks is a fairly regular thing for us. Before the holidays began we used to go out on a early Sunday morning walk together. Collecting leaves, pinecones, fallen petals and bringing them home to take a closer look at. Super easy, super fun and a great way to get some fresh air and exercise!

Make Nature Collages
This goes hand in hand with the activity above! After our nature walks, we'd take a closer look at all the natural things we've collected, and create some pretty collages! Again, such an easy activity, and it's something that doesn't need much adult supervision either. I always love their nature collages.

Go To The Library
We've been to the library pretty much every week throughout the holidays and we've read a lot of new books together. I'm a huge fan of the library as it's so much more than just borrowing books! Our local library has colouring activities, as well as toys and often lego out to play with too! It's a great way to spend a quiet afternoon, particularly if the weather isn't that great. Plus, my eldest two both have their own library cards, so they love choosing their own books and handing them over to be scanned at the end of our visit!

Make Play Dough
I've definitely mastered making play dough now if I do say so myself! It always works well and I can whip up a batch in next to no time now! Saying that though, I don't get the play dough out too often as it always seems to get everywhere. But that means it's all the more exciting when we do play with it! {You can find my go-to recipe here!}

Go To The Park
Going to the park has been a fairly regular occurrence during the holidays too. They absolutely love it and our local park is less than a 2 minute walk from our house, so rain or sun - we'll probably be at the park! We did switch it up a little bit the other day though, and went to a different park, and although it's changed a lot - it's the park I used to visit throughout my childhood so I have lots of fond memories of being there!

See Friends & Family
Even if we haven't done much else throughout the week, we've seen friends and family every single week. I love spending time with our family as we are all super close, and I don't think I'd have survived some days without regularly seeing my friends! It's great because my closest friends both have children who are similar ages to mine, so they can all play while we relax!

Go Exploring
Going exploring is also something we do regularly, we love discovering new places around the area where we live. You never know what sort of places you might find! During our previous adventures we've found a little wood, a beautiful meadow and even a weir right in the town where we live.

Climb Trees & Explore The Woods
This is one of the main things my little ones were desperate to do during the holidays! A few weeks back we went exploring in our local woods with my family. Climbing trees, playing hide a seek. Plus, it was a great way to keep cool in the heat too!

Ride A Bus
We headed over to my nans on the bus last week, although it's not too far away - my two eldest love going on the bus! They were as good as gold on the bus and loved watching the cars go by out the windows. Plus my littlest girlie slept the entire journey! WIN. 

Leave Pebbles For Others To Find
Incase you didn't spot it on Instagram, we left some of our Bee minibeast painted pebbles for others to find around our town. On one side it was painted with a bee, and on the other side it said "Bee Happy :) "

I hope you've enjoyed reading about what we've been up to during the holidays! 
What was your favourite thing you did?

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