Transformation On A Budget

*This is a collaborative post

It’s not always possible to carry out the house renovations you’d like. Sometimes, that’s because it’s too expensive, sometimes it’s because you just don’t have the time. Whatever the reason, if those four walls are beginning to drive you crazy then here are some top tips for making transformations on a budget.

The Little Things
Like skirting and door frames. The glossing around these areas can very quickly get scuffed and tatty. While the job itself might take a day or two, the overall effect will be well worth it. Gloss paint doesn’t need to cost too much, but just make sure to cover the floor and walls around the painting area as gloss paint can be hard to remove.

Wooden window frames too can benefit from a rub down and glossing, and while you’re there why not give the windows a clean. You’ll be surprised at the difference some sparkling window panes can make.

Revamp Furniture
If you aren’t planning on replacing furniture just yet with a trip to TCH Furniture, then think about how you might be able to give them a whole new lease of life.

Grab a throw to disguise tired looking covers or have your sofa or armchair recovered, cheaper than buying a new suite.

You might also be surprised at what’s out there in second hand shops. Have your old suite taken away by a charity van pick up and replace with a new-to-you sofa that transforms your living space.

You might also find the same benefit from replacing curtains, lampshades and other small but noticeable items around your home.

There’s no need to buy a new bath or sink but how about replacing those taps that have seen better days or the bathroom lighting that is far from relaxing? A fresh set of towels, a new shower curtain and a bath mat, adds to the effect. For a cheaper decorating tip, lose that tired old bathroom cabinet and replace with old scaffold boards, planed down and cut to size to create a rustic effect.

It’s time to get rid of the junk. Those piles of paper that have piled up in the corner, books that you no longer read and toys that are taking too much space. Go through them with a ruthless hand and throw away or recycle anything that you no longer use. A great rule of thumb is to ask yourself if you’ve used the item within the last three months. If the answer is no, then decide to give it away or to dispose of it.

Transforming your home on a budget doesn’t require much money but it does require a little discipline and a little imagination. When you need to make a difference without making a dent in your budget put some of these top tips into practice and see how little differences can soon be transformed into big ones. From glossing to tidying, it’s all here so make it happen and look at your home with fresh appreciation.

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