Update Your Home With New Flooring

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Flooring is a necessary part of any house, and one of the biggest investments you'll make for your home, but it can be difficult to choose between the dozens of materials and types on offer. Personally, in my dream home, I'd had fluffy carpets in the bedrooms, crisp white tiles in the bathrooms and beautiful hard wearing wooden flooring in every other room of the house!

I always loved the look of wooden flooring. It's long lasting, easy to maintain and it can suit any theme you have in your home. Bright colours, greys, thick woolen rugs, bright white walls - whatever your style, wooden flooring will always look fantastic.

It's important, if you choose to update to wooden flooring, that you choose a high quality, well made type. Cheap floorboards may only last you months, and then you will have to pay up again. It's best to save up for something more expensive, but better quality in the long run.

There are many different types of wooden flooring, so lots of planning and decision making will need to be made. There's Hardwood flooring - that's just pure planks of wood (nice, but the most expensive option.) laminate flooring (possibly the cheapest option, but the least high quality) which is actually just images of wood, or engineered wood flooring which has a hardwood top layer (looks the part, but not as pricey as hardwood)!

Engineered wood flooring is practical, durable and looks as good as genuine hardwood floor. But if hardwood is out of your price range, engineered wood flooring is approximately half the price, so I'd definitely recommend looking into it. 

Have you considered engineered wood flooring in your home?

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