How To Find Time For Yourself As A Busy Mum

We all know the importance of self care, and taking time out just for you. But with the ridiculously busy world we live in, work, children or other commitments, finding that time can be next to impossible

How To Find Time For Yourself As A Busy Mum

We need to learn to be smart about our time, use each day wisely, and take a breather now and then when you feel you are pushing yourself too hard. I like to plan my days out, and my evenings so I don't waste any time and can just get on with my day straight away. (Obviously I am flexible because of my little ones, but it's a rough plan!) You don't have to be as crazy as me, but having a rough idea of your day/week is a great way to ensure you make the best of every day!

So here are my tips for finding time for yourself!

Adjust Your Sleep Schedule
If you stay up too late (I'm not one to judge, trust me!) you need to try and adjust your bedtime. If you are more of a night owl, you could try making your bedtime an hour earlier. Get ready for bed, take your make up off, make a hot drink and hop in to bed then. Take that extra hour you've got to make some time for you, read a book, write in your journals, do whatever it is you like to do to wind down. Then by the time your normal bedtime rolls around you'll be all relaxed and ready for sleep. Plus you will have had quality time for yourself too!

If you are good at going to bed at an appropriate time, I applaud you! But if, because you go to bed earlier, you feel you haven't done anything for yourself - why not try waking up a bit earlier? Although I haven't tried it myself, I am not a morning person - you could give the 5am club a go perhaps. Or even just waking up a bit earlier than your little ones can make all the difference. Even half an hour earlier means you could grab a hot drink and watch morning tv in peace, plan your day, or even just sit in silence and enjoy your breakfast!

Save An Evening Or Two For You
If you tend to just crash on the sofa after the little ones have finally fallen asleep, that's ok! But why not try to save a couple of evenings a week to do something you enjoy. Whether it's a craft hobby, reading or even just enjoying the bubbliest bath in the world. Take those set evenings each week and do something just for you!

I used to even write on my calendar and in my diary when I had these evenings planned. I do Sunday Night - Pamper Night (super bubbly bath, candles, music - the works!) & Wednesday Night - Craft Night (I just try my hand at a craft project or something I've been meaning to try!) 

How To Find Time For Yourself As A Busy Mum

Until recently, I didn't really believe in the power of going out and getting some exercise! I started running a few times a week for the past few months and it's made a huge difference to my overall wellbeing. It's made me happier, it's made me more confident - I totally get it now! If you have really little ones who luckily still nap - why not take half an hour of that to try a workout on Youtube or an exercise DVD? Or if your children are older and at school, just grab half an hour during the day to get outside and go for a run, or even just a walk! 

For the first few days, if you're not used to exercising much like I was, it'll literally feel like you are punishing yourself, as opposed to treating yourself to some time off! But once you get into the swing of it, you'll learn to love it. I tend to go for a quick run on the days that my husband is home and can look after our youngest. Just popping my headphones in, finding that perfect feel-good playlist and going for it, it's an amazing feeling!

Book Something Now
If you are the type of person who's like 'Yes, I do this - I'll write it down on the calendar and make sure I do this for myself, then somehow it just doesn't happen', then this one is for you. Book something for you, today. Whether it's plans with a friend, a hair appointment or even a live event - book it today and you can't just not do it!

Send Your Little Ones To Bed Earlier
If you are still struggling with making any time for you, do not feel guilty about sending your little ones to bed a little earlier once in a while. If they tend to settle themselves, that makes this easier for you as you can just move their normal bedtime routine slightly earlier, even just half an hour earlier. If I've had a particularly difficult day, I will send my three to bed that little bit earlier, and they are none the wiser. Whether it's one day a week (why not try Sundays?) or even just once a month, that's a lovely little slither of time you can have just for you - you deserve it.

How To Find Time For Yourself As A Busy Mum

Get Outside Help
There is absolutely no harm in asking for help now and then. Everyone needs help and no one can be in 'mum mode' every single second of your life, you need time to switch off! Whether it's booking a babysitter so you can go out one evening, asking friends to watch your kids for an hour or so, and doing the same in return for them on another day or even hire a cleaner if that's where you are struggling. We. All. Struggle. So ask for help!

Accept That Not Everything Is Urgent
Looking after your little ones is top priority, looking after you is top priority - that's it. Washing up building up in the sink? That is not urgent. If you're desperate to sit down and just switch off for a while, the hoovering can wait! If you're trying to decide between having a much needed relaxing day at home in your comfies or taking your little one to soft play - the answer is already there. You need it and you deserve it.

However you can manage to make time for you, never ever, ever, feel guilty for needing that time for yourself. You are so incredibly busy and it's so important to look after yourself and make yourself a priority!

How To Find Time For Yourself As A Busy Mum

How To Find Time For Yourself As A Busy Mum

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