Exciting Ways To Update Your Home For 2020

Exciting Ways To Update Your Home For 2020

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Every so often you may want to give your home a bit of an update. Switch up the decor, rearrange the furniture, try a new colour on the walls, or something bigger! From ways to restyle your home decor with different fabrics, furniture pieces or colours, to huge improvements that can really transform your home. I'm sharing a few suggestions today of fun ways you can update your home for the new year, or grab some inspiration from the upcoming trends for 2020. 

Ever since Hygge became popular a few years ago, comfort and coziness have become key aspects of our home. This year is looking to be no different. With natural materials such as wooden floors and tables, to natural colours of blue's, greys, pinks and greens. Don't forget to snuggle up with comforting cushions and faux furs, layer up the throws and decorate with candles and soft lighting for a relaxing, cozy atmosphere.

Sustainable Design
As we all are becoming more aware of the negative impacts we have on the environment, there has been a huge increase in people turning towards more sustainable design options both inside and outside their homes. Bamboo furniture has because increasingly popular, as well as using recycled or repurposed materials. Homes are also now being built with sustainability in mind, to minimize waste and reduce the consumption of non renewable sources. Adding insulation to your home, purchasing rain collection tanks, or installing double glazing are all fantastic ways of improving the sustainability of your home. As long as non toxic and environmentally friendly building materials are used. 

Exciting Ways To Update Your Home For 2020

Glass Extensions
Last year we has a very hot Summer in the UK, which then caused an increase in conservatories being installed. The idea of having a conservatory is often high on a lot of people's 'home improvement ideas' as they offer a fantastic way to gain a little extra space, plus adding style and the option of relaxing in the sunshine while staying cool indoors. Conservatories also can offer gorgeous views of your garden and nature all around you as well as providing a stylish living area for you, your family or guests. 

Farmhouse Style
Personally, I've always loved Farmhouse Style. It just makes me think of everything rustic, country cottages and gardens full of flowers. Farmhouse style is inspired by english cottages with a hint of shabby chic. With lots of softs colours such as greys, white or even soft yellows it can create a gorgeous, welcoming but family home feel. Using vintage decor pieces, patterned fabrics and beautiful flower around the house you can create this lovely look for yourself. 

Multi Generational Living
More and more young people are moving back in with their parents, to save money or perhaps to help lower the cost of living. So there has been an increase in people adapting their homes to create more room for the several generations living under the same roof. Whether it's transforming their attics or basements into bedrooms, or building outside houses for their family members to live. 

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