How I Spend My Weekends For A Productive Positive Week

Weekends are the perfect time to relax, unwind and sleep in. The chance to unplug and not have to worry about having a set routine, or having to set an alarm and get going early in the morning. 

Some people however, tend to spend their weekends catching up on work/washing/housework. Weekends don't mean you have to completely ditch your daily routine, or ignore all your chores all together, but it's so important to relax a little and take things slower than you would during the working week. 

How I Spend My Weekends For A Productive Positive Week

I do tend to wake up a little later during the weekend (my kids don't have the same idea unfortunately!) but they'll happily play in my bed while I try and struggle to open my eyes. We have a slightly later breakfast than normal, and my little ones are often allowed to eat in the living room instead of at the dining table. And during some point in the morning we all get dressed and ready for the day. 

Saturdays is our family day, so all that is important today is spending time with loved ones. Anything else can wait. Whether it's our parents coming round for the afternoon, or going out for the day with them, or even just our little family playing together at home, going to the park, or having movie night in the evening. The little ones tend to go to bed a little later on Saturdays too.

Sundays start off in the same way, nice and relaxed. We love to go for an early morning walk on Sundays too, so after breakfast we all get dressed and head out for an hour or so. It's a lovely routine we've started and my children are always so disappointed if we don't go! 

Just before lunch, I'll catch up with the housework and washing, plus setting out the little ones clothes for the morning. I'll whip up some lunch while meal planning for the week, and after lunch i'll either order the food shopping, or write a shopping list. I'll then go ahead and write the meals on our meal plan board, i'll also write the calendar for the week and fill in my diary too. Literally takes about 10 minutes but helps the week run as smoothly as possible.

How I Spend My Weekends For A Productive Positive Week

My youngest will then have an afternoon nap while our eldest too do their school reading and homework. I'll sit down and help them with a cuppa, then prepare the roast for dinner.

Then it's dinner, bath & bed for them! I'll speed clean the kitchen while preparing their bags and drinks for Monday. Then I'll sit down with a cuppa (and biscuits of course), and spend an hour or so scheduling posts for the next day, as well as ensuring my inbox is clear too! Then I'll have a relaxing bath, a bit of a pamper, pop on my pjs and read my book in bed.

So to recap, during the weekend I ensure I:
* Catch up with washing
* Lay out clothes for Monday
* Spend time with loved ones
* Meal plan/Shopping list
* Take things slowly
* Get some fresh air
* Fill in calendars & diaries
* Practice self care
* Clear my inbox
* Schedule posts for Monday

My weekends are always 99% stress free and as long as I ensure I'm prepared, my week will be positive and productive too!

How do you like to spend your weekends?
How I Spend My Weekends For A Productive Positive Week