10 Fun Crafts For Kids Using Recycled Materials

We're constantly thinking of crafts we can make together, activities we could try, experiments we could do - and as it was recently Earth Day, I thought it'd be a lovely idea to put together a selection of craft ideas for children that can be made from items in your recycling box! Upcycling is a great way to encourage children to reduce the amount of waste we throw away, and its always fun being given a bunch of materials and using our imaginations to see what we can come up with!

10 Fun Crafts For Kids Using Recycled Materials

Ladybird Egg Box Bugs
I absolutely love these cute little eggbox ladybirds! Egg boxes are really versatile when it comes to crafts, and these mini bugs would be a fab craft for younger children to enjoy! They look so adorable hanging around your plants pots too!

Toilet Roll Tubes Giraffe Marionette
Toilet roll tubes are another really versatile craft material, and these toilet roll giraffe marionettes are just amazing! They look quite complicated but they are actually made of very few materials! The perfect craft for a rainy day and they'd be so much fun for putting on a puppet show too!

Milk Bottle Watering Cans
I couldn't have discovered this milk bottle watering can craft at a better time, my eldest two have been fighting over the watering can for the past few days! (They're obsessed with watering the plants! Haha) Plus, we drink a lot of milk in this house so we always have plenty of milk bottles. A fun activity, and you cant beat a useful craft too!

Plastic Bottle Cat Storage Pots
I've always loved the idea of making cute little storage pots from bottle, and these plastic bottle cat storage pots really are adorable! It's a great craft for older children to enjoy and they can use them for storage in their bedrooms after too! Again, not many materials needed for this activity and a totally useful result too! Love them!

Cardboard Dollhouse/Dinohouse
This is officially the cutest dollhouse I have ever seen! I can't believe it's homemade, or even if my little ones and I could ever make something so adorable! This cardboard dollhouse/dinohouse is amazing! 

10 Fun Crafts For Kids Using Recycled Materials
Newspaper & Card Fish
We absolutely love making homemade cards in the house, and will do it for absolutely any occasion! I love the idea of using up scraps of card and newspaper to make this adorable fish card! (I'll be honest, our recycling bins are constantly filled with scrap bits of card and paper, so this idea is perfect!)

Toilet Roll Tube Cars
Our latest craft in this house has been making toilet roll cars! As I mentioned above, toilet rolls are just the most versatile craft material aren't they! The opportunities are endless! What I love about these toilet roll cars is that you need very little supplies and they can be played with afterwards!

Robot Junk Modelling
If you got lots of cardboard boxes, tubes, foil, this fantastic robot junk modelling craft is definitely for you! It's a brilliant activity to get your little ones imagination flowing, and who doesn't want to make their own cute little robot! 

Sweet Wrapper Mosaics
I always, always save the sweet wrappers at Christmas time because they're just too beautiful not to right? Finally I have a way of putting them to good use, and letting my little ones create some beautiful sweet wrapper mosaics! They really are lovely! 

Toilet Roll Tube Cats
Last, but certainly not least - these freaking adorable toilet roll tube cats! Easy to make, not many supplies needed but really really sweet! Perfect for any cat loving family, and your little ones could even create their own cat family too! Or maybe try and design them on their own cats? Such a cute idea. 

Which craft is your favourite? Will you be giving any of them a go with your little ones?

10 Fun Crafts For Kids Using Recycled Materials

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