Watercolour Planet Banner - Kids Craft

I've wanted to share this little craft for ages, as I love it and I think it's so cute - but I just haven't managed to find the time! It's a fun activity, a sweet decoration and not too messy to make either - plus, it's perfect for budding little astronauts!

Watercolour Planet Banner - Kids Craft
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We were recently learning about Space at home, and for our creative activities we made these rockets, and also this adorable Planet Themed Banner, you can find out how we made it below!

You Will Need:
* Thick Black Card (or white, and paint it black)
* Watercolour crayons or pencils
* White Card
* String
* Glue
* Water & A Paintbrush
* Silver Glitter Glue

Watercolour Planet Banner - Kids Craft

1. Cut out 8 flag shapes and if you are using white card, you'll need to paint it black and leave it to dry.

2. Add some silver glitter glue so it looks like the sparkly night sky.

3. Now you'll want to cut out the different shapes on the white card, for the 8 planets.

(This is an example of the shapes and colours we used to create the planets)

4. Using watercolour crayons (or pencils) colour in the planets.

5. Using a paintbrush and water, gently 'paint' the planets so the colours blend beautifully, leave to dry.

6. Glue the planets to the black flag shapes and attach to a long piece of string or strong cotton.

7. Hang it up and display their artwork proudly!

What do you think? Will you be giving this a go with your little ones?

Watercolour Planet Banner - Kids Craft

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