Toilet Roll Tube Rockets - Kids Craft

We've been recently learning about space at home so I thought a rocket themed craft would be appropriate! It's a fun craft for children to do, not too difficult nor does it require too many supplies! Plus it's great fun to play with afterwards!

Toilet roll tubes are so versatile and can be turned into many different things - check out this post and this one for more inspiration!

Moving on to our Toilet Roll Rockets though, to make these you will need:

* Toilet roll tubes
* Poster Paint
* Tin Foil
* PVA glue
* Thin Coloured Card

1. Let your children decorate the toilet roll tube however they wish! Using one colour, patterns or lots of bold and bright colours like we did!

2. Cut out 2 square of coloured card into triangle shapes, and fold one edge.

3. You can then go ahead and glue to the folded edges of the triangles to the side of the rocket to create the wings. 

Toilet Roll Tube Rockets - Kids Craft

4. Next you want to create the roof of the rocket. Cut a circle out of coloured card, and then cut a slit in one place, up to the center of the circle as shown below. Then fold it in together so you overlap the edges to create a cone shape and secure with tape. Using glue you can now stick it to the top of the rocket.

5. Cut out some circles of tin foil and glue them onto the rocket, and leave it all to dry!

Toilet Roll Tube Rockets - Kids Craft

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