Why SEO Is So Important For Bloggers

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and it's hugely important for anyone who runs an online business - bloggers included. 

It's not just about ensuring your website shows up on search engines, it's about creating long term results and traffic for your site.

The truth of the matter is, you don't want just anyone visiting your site. You don't want people popping over just for the sake of it, people who aren't really interested in what you have to say, you want visitors who deliberately stop by because they are genuinely interested in what you are writing about. You want likeminded people who will gain something from your content, so you'll need to get targeted visitors. They're very different to the types of visitors you might gain from paid advertising, as with targeted visitors you'll be reaching far more relevant people, the type of people who are far more likely to become long term readers.  Once you've found your ideal audience you will need to maintain and increase the number of target visitors, who will regularly return to your site. 

Optimising your SEO helps you to stay in the lead, ahead of your competitors. Although blogging is general a very friendly community to be a part of, everyone helps everyone it, the fact is - it still is a competition of sorts. We all want to succeed. If your site is well optimised it will bring more traffic to your site. If your competitors website ranks higher than yours on a search engine, they will be getting more traffic than you, and therefore more money. Being the top search result on any given topic, is a bloggers dream!

Plus, if someone has found you via a search engine, you'll have more luck encouraging them to become a regular visitor because they have actively searched for you! When they typed in a specific query, or a craft idea, or some motivational tips and they've found you, you are the one who has solved their problem! So they're very likely to want to stick around!

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If you are blogging as a business, without a doubt, your main goal will be to increase your profit. A higher conversion rate means more profit! SEO can also help to reduce your outgoing expenses, and you will no longer have to simply just rely on paid advertising. 

We want visitors to our sites to become long term visitors, we want them to enjoy what we are talking about and perhaps even purchase our products. So again, to attract more visitors to our sites, we need to rank higher on search engines. The higher we rank - the more profit we can make!

We want people to become familiar with our brand, we all want genuine readers who know what we do and what we are all about - we want to be noticed! SEO can help build brand awareness by landing the top spot in search results - people will soon start to notice!

Last but not least, just to reiterate the importance of SEO, it helps create long term results! If you have optimised your website for SEO you should see, and continue to see a nice steady, constant flow of traffic to your site. SEO creates more permanent, positive results compared to other forms of advertising. 

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