3 Ways to Make Your Home Reflect Your Personality

*This is a collaborative post
While your wardrobe and hobbies are a fantastic way for you to show off exactly who you are, it doesn’t need to end with your favourite obscure band t-shirt or sparkly heels. There are always other ways to make a statement about who you are and what you love. One of the best ways to do this is to think about your home. Here, you can make it look however you like, whether that’s cosy, festive, or a little off-the-wall. With so much space, there is no limit to what you can achieve to make your home reflect your personality.
Find Unique Items 
Unique items are a fantastic way to add some personality to your home. Whether these come from antique auctions or are those exciting charity shop finds, there’s always something for you to add, and they’re often cheaper than typical mass-produced furniture, too.
Sure, popular furniture stores have functional items, but they’re so dependable that everyone has them, and this won’t make your home stand out. With unique items, you get something that no one else has, just make sure you follow these tips to keep your antique furniture clean and in the best condition to make it last for as long as you live there, and even beyond that. You want these unique items to become staples, not just for this home, but any other property you buy in the future, so taking excellent care will ensure long-life.
The Right Colours 
We all have our favourite colours. Often, we can’t explain why we like them so much, we just do. Bringing these colours into your home by painting the walls or finding rugs and ornaments with this colour will add a touch of you to any room you choose.
You can even ask the whole family to get involved. Your kids can paint their rooms their favourite colour, while places like the living or dining room can have something that everyone agrees on. Choosing the right colours is also useful for brightening up the home, allowing light to reflect better, which will make it feel like summer for a little longer.
Magical Memories 
As a family, you’ve likely made plenty of memories from happy times, whether hanging out in the garden on a summer’s day or taking an adventure. Photos from these times don’t need to be confined to a photo album, though, you can cover the walls with them so you can always look at something that reminds you of good times.
You needn’t stop at photos, though. Souvenirs, especially those weird finds that you couldn’t leave behind, are also excellent ways to add a little more personality to your home. You can hang them, place them on shelves or use them as centrepieces, as long as they don’t spend all their time in the drawer.
A Little More You 
You want your home to make a statement, whether this statement is bold or more reserved. By picking out items, choosing your favourite colours, filling space walls and shelves with memories, or even getting creative, you can make sure that no matter who steps through the door, they know exactly what you’re about.

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