Home Makeover Ideas for Spring

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Now that springtime has arrived many people will be thinking about spring cleaning and downsizing. But what about upgrading to enjoy the season more? In the same way that clothing changes styles for the season, your home can too. You can introduce new natural elements, accent styles and lighting to enhance your experience of spring. 

The past year has been a difficult time for most of us who have had to stay indoors to live and work from home. We can start to feel coupled up because of this and need new vibrancy and inspiration, especially within our home environment. The tips and ideas on this list have been collated to help you redesign your home this spring and enjoy the season like never before. 

If you love the colours of spring you will find several ways to introduce more of it into my home. That could be in the form of flower hangers, accent colours, or artwork. But if it's the clear air you love and the sunshine, you'll definitely want to check out the ideas for a sunny nook or spring terrace. Read on and embrace this uniquely vibrant season. 


Spring is a season that's as much about colour as it is about cleaning and renewal. Think of the yellow trumpet daffodils, the classic crocuses, and the delicate snowdrops. Spring is the season post-winter when everything comes back to life. Your home should be no different. 

A colourful carpet is a great way to bring some of nature's colour into your home. There's a good feeling when you mimic the season in this way, you somehow harmonise with the world's natural cycles which keeps you home and life present and relevant. Choose a solid colour carpet as an accent piece, or a multi-coloured one for added interest. 


You would know a Macrame plant hanger when you saw one. Macrame is an art form from the 13th century that involves tying ropes or yarn together to create various hanging forms. A Macrame plant hanger is designed to hold a plant pot containing a lush green hanging plant. It's perfect for an interior spring makeover. 

If you want to bring some of the newness and greenest of nature into your home this season then introduce some Macrame plant hangers. You can pick these up fully made at garden centres  or make them yourself if you're feeling creative. What you put in them is entirely up to you, but a nice green hanging plant is never a bad option.  


Cherry blossoms are traditionally associated with spring. In the east they play a significant cultural role, especially in Japan where they are revered and a special occasion is made from the first sight of them in the spring. Cherry blossoms are small delicate pink or white flowers that bloom for a very short time. 

You don't have to live in Japan to celebrate the spring season with cherry blossoms. Even if you live in a region that doesn't suit the natural growth of these spring favourites, you can still enjoy them in your home. One way is to put a cherry blossom branch into a white vase. This has a certain simplicity and elegance you might associate with an Eastern aesthetic. 


Spring is all about flowers and new life. That's no wonder since it's the season when bulbs sprout from the earth and petals sail past in the wind. This is an excellent time of year to introduce colour and floral patterns to your home. There are several ways to do this, and a floral lamp is one of them. 

A floral lamp is a decor piece for your living room or bedroom. It could be a traditional floral lamp with a large shade or a more delicate design like the sort you might find in an art or sculpture shop. You can also make floral lamps using online DIY guides and basic lampstands from places like IKEA. 


If it's colour you want, and that's probably the case if you're decorating your home this spring, there's no better way to bring a room to life than to use some floral statement art. Statement art is essentially large canvasses or artworks that bring a central focus to a room and inspire the space with colour and texture. 

A floral statement piece is an excellent choice to bring a new dimension of colour to your living space. You don't have to be limited by styles either, you could have something very overtly floral and traditional, or something more abstract that simply hints at the season using indirect colours, shapes and impressions. 


Do you want to bring some of the spring season indoor this year but aren't sure about live plants or flowers? A floral Mason jar arrangement could be the answer. You can pick up Mason jars at your local garden centre or supermarket. They were traditionally used for home canning to preserve food, but have found a range of other uses in recent times. 

A Mason jar is the ideal way to create a seasonal floral arrangement for your home. If you search online you will find many DIY videos about how to source material and arrange them properly. Most often, seasonal Mason jars are made using some natural items found in the local environment. This spring you might use twigs, dried flowers, and green leaves. 


If you love spring and you love flowers, then you're sure to love flower arranging. This practice and art form has a very long and rich heritage that reaches back to our ancestors in the east and west. There are two distinctive schools of flower arranging that emerged from these separate regions. You might prefer one to the other, or incorporate elements of both. 

A pin holder is a palm sized metal brush that you can buy from local garden centres. It lets you customise your flower arrangement regularly by easily adding and replacing items. In the centre of the bowl there are some metal pins that allow you to stand the flowers upright and replace them easily when they wilt. 


For many people spring is the best time of year. The hardship of winter has come to an end and the prospect of a memorable summer awaits them on the horizon. There are also the obvious joys of springtime. The air seems to purify and the colour blooms from every flower bed. Now is the perfect time to create a spring terrace to enjoy the season from. 

You can create a spring terrace from a balcony, an extension, or a patio. Wherever you have some space to open up to the elements and let the season rejuvenate your spirits. Design a small sitting area that's pleasant to sit at and drink cups of herbal tea. If you need Rubbish Cleared following your redecoration contact a local service who can skip it for you and take it to recycling. 


Maybe you feel like revamping your home for the springtime but it seems like too much hassle. It might feel like a bit of a waste of time to redecorate your entire front room or create a terrace garden for one or two months. In that case consider simply adding colour and texture to limited aspects of your home to give it some new vibrancy. 

Accent walls are an excellent way of doing this. In effect, accent walls exist to create a vibrancy and contrast in your home. It makes sense to change these colours seasonally to complement and contrast with your existing furniture. It is far easier to change the feeling of your home using accents than it is to redecorate wholesale. 


Following the dead of winter the spring is a mighty relief. Once again the warm sunshine is in the sky and the wildlife has returned from their winter burrows to forage in the wilderness. Take advantage of these warm magical months by creating a sunny nook in the corner of your home. 

Most people have a tall window in their flat or house that always let's in more sunlight. It might be south-facing. Find the window that is best suited to this project and set up a chair. Decorate the area with planters and include a neat little desk where you can put a book and a cup of herbal tea. In this sunny nook you can soak up lots of vitamin D and enjoy a classic or a bestseller. 

Hopefully you have seen something on this list that inspires you to redesign your home to complement the springtime. Although the spring is a short season, in comparison to winter and summer, it is very alive. There is not only a change in the atmosphere, but you see new life and nature's activity everywhere. Don't let this powerful and beautiful season pass you by this year. Choose one or two items on the list and elevate your springtime experience.

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