The Top Reasons For Learning to Sew

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Sewing isn’t taught as often as it used to be in schools, so lots of adults don’t know how to sew. Sewing can be beneficial in lots of ways, so there are some of the top reasons to learn to sew. 

It’s Good For Your Wellbeing
Creating some beautiful or useful (or both) yourself can really lift your self-confidence. Craft can also help to manage your moods and improve your wellbeing. This doesn’t only apply to people who already know how to sew, but also to those who are learning sewing as a new skill. Learning something new can be more beneficial than doing the same thing for years. 

Express Your Individuality
If you can learn how to make your own clothes, you can create garments that will suit your style and your body. Sewing your own clothes means that you don’t have to follow the current fashion trends if you don’t want to. Instead, you can use your electric sewing machine to create your own look, choosing any fabric or pattern you like. You can make clothes that can’t be found anywhere else and express your personality through what you wear. 

Sewing Can Save You Money
If you can sew, you can do your own alterations and repairs instead of adding them to a landfill or paying someone else to do repairs for you. Your clothes will fit better and last longer. 
If you can gain some knowledge of fabrics and construction, you can make some quality, unique, and well-fitting items for your wardrobe. You can sew for your whole family and save some money too. 

Make Unique Handmade Gifts
There’s a lot of gifts to buy throughout the year, whether it’s for birthdays or Christmas. Your new skills in sewing will be useful on lots of gift-giving occasions. You will be able to enjoy sewing a gift and make something unique for the recipient, making it even more special. 

There are patterns and tutorials available for all kinds of sewing projects, whether you want to make a cushion cover for your friend’s birthday or curtains for your new baby niece’s nursery.

Reduce Your Environmental Impact
One of the best things about sewing is that you can find a use for even the smallest of scraps of fabric. You can use up your leftover fabrics on smaller projects. The less waste you have left over, the better. 
You could convert all of your scraps into hand-sewn English Paper Piecing Quilts and machine-sewn scrap quilts. You will be making something long-lasting and practical while using up every scrap of leftover fabric that you have. 

You can also prioritize buying your fabrics from green manufacturers or buy dead stock fabric that originally came from the high street to make your sewing even more eco-friendly. Choose a high-quality fabric that will mean your clothes will last longer, saving you from contributing to fast fashion and the clothes that end up in a landfill. 

If you have friends who sew, share and swap your leftover fabric so someone gets some use out of it. 

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