Renovation On A Budget, Yes It Is Doable!

 *This is a collaborative post

Renovation is a complex process that is characterized mostly by the unknown! The target budget that has almost never been set is unattainable and worse - the times we thought would require the completion of the craft are almost always postponed and we have not yet raised the issue of inconvenience that accompanies the process. Sometimes we just think we will leave things how they are because it is too pricey to call in the experts. However, you don’t always need the experts! Painting a home and renovating a kitchen for example, are just some of the ways that you may want to upgrade. Perhaps your furniture is looking old and tired? In this case, you can look at using handmade furniture around your home

Take tips from the pros! 
Do not rush to purchase expensive raw materials. Use the well-known series of the leading companies and you will get a charming look. Take the time necessary to make repairs to the things you already have without buying new. While this is a craft that can be tedious and exhausting, it is essential for creating a rejuvenated home. For example, do up your old cupboards, add new handles, add a lick of paint, add some beads to your curtains, if you’re savvy enough! You could look at adding stick on tiles to the walls instead of real ceramic tiles that cost money and take time to implement. You may want to look at reupholstering your chairs or adding some natural elements, such as adding some bamboo and sustainable products to the mix, they are often cheap and great for the planet. You can create your own bowls from paper mache for example as well as adding a few potted plants that will really add a little extra charm. Be inspired by boards on Pinterest and even Instagram. Find colours and shades that inspire you and textures that make you feel happy.

Lighting is important 
It is known that good lighting will bring a new atmosphere to your home. At the same time, not everyone knows that today you can buy lighting fixtures at a low cost. You can buy second hand or look at online stores. You can choose different types, including dimmer lights, LEDs, and ones that are sustainable and use less electricity! Be sure that you are safe when you are fixing the lights as you do not want to be met with any hazards such as being electrified. Always be safe! 

Most importantly - keep an open mind! 
Home renovation is a long and tricky process that sometimes leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. That is why, when you adopt some of the tips to keep things low budget, you can avoid the worries of financial debts, conflict with contractors and other issues. If you need a comprehensive renovation - one that requires replacing electricity and water infrastructure, then you will have to acquire the help of professionals, but for lighter renovations, make the most of what you have and the thrift stores available to you. 

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