Eco Friendly Packaging For Your Small Business

*This is a collaborative post

Eco-friendly packaging is the way forward. Created using materials and manufacturing techniques to reduce energy use, minimise plastic use and ultimately to stop creating a harmful impact on the environment. Made of biodegradable or recyclable to reduce the use of new, unnecessary resources, mainly plastic. 

Every year, more and more products are sold online. This year, I can imagine there will be a huge increase in people starting their own small business and therefore regularly using packaging products. 

When it comes to starting a business, packaging is generally something that is put on the back burner. All your time and energy will be focused on the product being sold and you'll just want something strong and sturdy to send your product safely in, plus a few unique touches. First impressions count after all.

Packaging is so important when you are looking to create a big impression. The little details, the finishing touches, it needs to impress as well as protect. Which many of us seem to think means all the plastic, unfortunately. 

Plastic wrap, bags, bubble wrap, tubs, tape. It's all plastic and it's all ultimately harmful to the environment. It's time to make a change. 

Lil Packaging are a fab packaging company who provides eco-friendly Bespoke packaging alternatives without compromising the strength. Their focus is all about reducing harmful waste, finding different ways around having to rely on plastic products. From boxes to bags, and even tape. Lil packaging are definitely a company worth trying if you are looking for more eco friendly packaging alternatives for your business.

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